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Students Face Consequences, Possible Charges For Drugs

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by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

DOVER, Tenn. - We're learning more about the hallucinogenic drug that sent students in Stewart County to the hospital. Once unheard of, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is now the topic of conversation.

"The first thing I did was Google it to see what it is that they're talking about," parent Lori Wallace said.

This after two or three freshman distributed the drug in school that sent students to the hospital.

"We've dealt with marijuana, prescription drugs and et cetera but never the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose," Director of Schools Phillip Wallace said. "This is a first."

Wallace said in addition to the distributors up to one dozen 14 and 15 year olds either smelled, touched or tasted the seeds that have a similar effect to LSD. No one was injured.

"There's just a lot of things out there you're just unaware of," Lori Wallace said. "And how these children found it, I don't know."

"Students just told us they got on YouTube and on the YouTube it showed how to use the drug and what the drug would do," Phillip Wallace said.

YouTube has plenty of videos with thousands of views.

"We're pretty certain that they bought it off the internet," he explained.

It's a new area of concern for educators and parents. Still, students are warned the punishment is the same.

"All students at this juncture will probably spend some time in alternative school but it will be differentiated depending their involvement," Phillip Wallace said. "We have a very safe place for students to be and we want to keep it like that."

The Sheriff's Office is investigating and could pursue charges. The seeds are legal to buy but using them as a drug isn't. This has been a big eye opener for school officials who are now educating teachers about this drug and are adding it to the health curriculum.


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