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Young Woman Turns Tragedy Into Triumph With Music

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by Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Allison Pincsak has taken tragedy in her life and turned it into music. While that is not uncommon in Nashville, she has seen a lot in her 20 years.

Life changed for Pincsak when she was only 12 years old. That is when her mother was not feeling well and went to the doctor.

"At first they thought it was an ulcer in her eye, because they saw something when they looked at her eyes," Pincsak explained.

Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and died a short time later. It was an event that changed Pincsak's life, and the lives of her older sister, and younger brothers.

The next year was difficult for Pincsak. Family members helped out, but a lot still fell on her and her siblings.

"It was basically just on us, if my dad wasn't home, which was really difficult," Pincsak said.

The difficult transition led to a year of alcohol addiction, rebellion and sadness. But that all started to turn around on Pincsak's 13th birthday.

"It changed my entire life. It changed the way I looked at life, and everything," said Pincsak.

That is when Pincsak's father gave her a guitar, and the teenager started to teach herself how to play the instrument. For the next few years music, instead of problems, consumed Pincsak's life. Her new love for songs led the 18-year-old to Belmont University in Nashville.

One month before Pincsak was set to move from Illinois to Tennessee, she suffered another setback.

"I just kept hearing my dad go, Allison look at me, Allison talk to me, are you okay," Pincsak explained.

She suffered a seizure, which led to the discovery of a tumor.

"I was just trying to take it in, I was like, this can't be real, there's no way," the young woman said.

Doctors said the tumor caused the seizure and the teen needed to decided if she wanted it removed. Pincsak came to the conclusion she was not going to let it stop her from going to Belmont.

"I picked August 9th, and my move in date at Belmont was August 19th," Pincsak said.

She packed up and moved to Nashville ten days after having surgery. Her freshman year was difficult after discovering memory loss from surgery would take time to overcome.

Pincsak stayed in Nashville for the first year, but decided she needed to be with her family in Illinois. Still, Nashville was always on her mind.

Three months ago, Pincsak decided it was time to return to Music City.

"I think I'm only 70 or 75 credits away from graduation, so I'm like why not just to it," Pincsak explained.

But she did not have the money to go back to college right away. She has been waiting tables and saving money since she moved back. She has registered to return to Belmont for the Spring semester.

The journey of the last seven years has not been an easy one, but Pincsak said she has learned important life lesson she can now turn into music.

"Once you learn to change your perspective, and you look at things differently, you can change your entire situation," Pincsak said.

The 20-year-old is determined to make her story into music that everyone can take something away from.


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