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Joelton Resident: Road Warning Signs Not Enough

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By Todd Walker

JOELTON, Tenn - A dangerous section of road in Joelton is getting some much-needed attention from the city, but residents who live along Grays Point Road said it's not enough.

Residents, who have seen cars come flying through their yards for years, said even though there are a few new signs nothing has changed.

Chip Knauf is a traffic engineer for Metro Public Works.

"In this particular case we needed to improve the signage and make sure the markings were good," he said.

After months of trying, several serious wrecks and plenty of close calls, Joe Sosh now has some new reflective "chevron" signs at the edge of his yard, along a particularly notorious curve of Grays Point Road.

"We've put out some chevron signs and a curve sign in advance of the intersection with an advisory speed of 20 miles per hour," Knauf said.

Sosh said the arrows and signs haven't done a thing to slow anyone down.

"I don't think it's accomplishing the purpose that we want to see."

The signs were finally put in on December 11, almost a month after a NewsChannel 5 story on this dangerous stretch of road, and just days after another serious crash on December 8.

"It was just down the curve. You can see it from here," Sosh said standing at the end of his driveway. "These (signs) are not going to stop that."

Metro said it is just one step in trying to address the problem.

Knauf said if there are more than five accidents in that spot over the next year, more work may need to be done.

"If the issue continues the next step is some raised lighting either overhead or on the street itself," he said. "And if it continues from there we might have some alignment issues and then it becomes a bigger project with road work involved." 

Sosh would like to see speed bumps put in. He was already told the curve doesn't qualify for a guard rail.

Metro said there are supposed to be 20-mile-per-hour advisories going into each side of the curve. Those were not up as of Monday.

So far, Sosh said, people still go just as fast but there have not been any serious crashes in the last week.

Metro Public Works said it relies on drivers to call in problem areas.

If you know of a dangerous section of road that needs to be dealt with, call (615)862-8750.

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