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Pacman's Attorneys Speak Up About Troubles

Adam Pacman Jones' attorneys commented Wednesday on his recent legal troubles on radio station 104.5 the Zone.

They said they were suspicious of the recommended charges from the Las Vegas Police Department. Police recommended three charges against Pacman - two misdemeanors and a felony. They based their charges on surveillance video and witness interviews. 

Lawyers Manny Arora and Warrick Robinson said they were not sure how credible their evidence was, and they wanted to see the evidence so they could see exactly how much trouble Pacman was really in.

"I'm quite suspicious of what this evidence is and the fact that they police didn't take any action on their own just tells me perhaps this is passing the buck," Arora said.

The DA's office said the charges were a standard legal move. Arora said he wanted to see the evidence before Jones was arrested or charged for battery, making threats or coercion. 

"Felony coercion seems like a catch-all category. When nothing seems to stick, you just throw it in there," Arora said.

The real focus wasn't necessarily on Vegas, pending charges in Georgia, or a probation violation in Murfreesboro. The focus has shifted to the NFL commissioner and his urge to tighten up the rules.

"For the new commissioner now to say ‘this is the rule' and retroactively say ‘we're going to punish you for it' would be patently unfair and I imagine the player's association would have something to say about that," he said.

Arora didn't want to see Pacman as the scapegoat or the poster child for bad behavior.

"He's just rehabbing his shoulder, trying to get ready for the season. He's got numb to all the negative attention. He's just trying to put it out of his mind. He's confident that he'll be playing with the team, and hopefully we'll get him there," he said.

Arora said he and Robinson would do anything to make sure Pacman plays, even plea to crimes they said he's not guilty of. 

"If there's an arrest, Adam's already lost," Arora said.

Both attorneys met with Pacman Wednesday to discuss their options. 

The Associated Press reported that Pacman will meet with the commissioner on April 3. The NFL did not confirm the meeting, but it could be the first meeting where Jones learns about his future with the league.

Metro Las Vegas police will deliver the paperwork to the district attorney Friday or Monday.

Shortly after that, the DA should announce whether or not charges will be filed.



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