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Patriotic Centerpiece

Patriotic Centerpiece Instructions
Marty Brooks / Craft Expert

Dress up your table in Red, White and Blue for holiday gatherings!  

Arrange these easy-to-make holiday hats in clusters or align them down the center of a long table... either way your  decor is festive for the holiday.  


  • Rinsed out, clean tin cans
  • Red and blue plastic plates
  • White paper (cardstock weight is best)
  • Red and/or blue cardstock, felt or fun foam)
  • Party shred to go in top of hat
  • Red and blue craft acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue gun


  • Styrofoam balls to fit inside cans (1/2 ball per can)
  • Small USA flags Sharpie markers in blue and red  


  1. Clean the tin cans.  Measure the exterior and cut white cardstock large enough to wrap each can.
  2. Paint red and blue stripes on the paper so that the stripes will go upwards when wrapped on the can.  The stripes can be wide or skinny- straight or squiggly.  Be sure to leave some of the white paper showing so that the hat's design will be R,W & B.  Let dry. (After the paint dries, you can add accent stripes with the red and blue sharpie pens, if you wish.)
  3. Wrap the cardstock around the can and secure with glue. 
  4. Cut a hat band out of the red or blue material and adhere into place with glue. *.  If you want flags coming out of your hat, cut a styrofoam ball in half and glue in can.  You will stick the wooden stick ends of the flags down into the foam before adding the shred.
  5. Center the can on top of a plastic plate which has been turned upside down.  Glue into position.  This creates the hat's brim.
  6. You can now add shred in the top of the can. 

If you want to use the hats to hold forks, spoons and knives, simply add an opened napkin before placing in the dinnerware.  You can also add embellishments to the outside of your hats such as stars, patriotic buttons, etc., or use the hats for long tables such as picnic and banquet tables when people will be serving thems from both sides of the table. 

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