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"Christmas in July" Crafts

Angel Yo-Yo's with Marty Brooks

With just a little fabric and time, you can make a host of angel yo-yo's to enjoy at Christmas or year-round. Here's how:  

Supplies for large angel:  (sizes for the small angel in parentheses)

  • Two 9" (6")squarish pieces of coordinating or contrasting light-weight to medium-weight fabrics
  • Gold-toned ring  (You can find a bag of them in the Wedding Favor area of a local dollar store.)
  • 3/4" to 1" large (1/2 to 3/4" medium) button for the angel's head  (Preferably a two-hole button to look like eyes or a smooth surface button. )
  • One button smaller than the head button to go in the "belly-button" hole on the round yo-yo  (Novelty buttons such as a heart or Christmas buttons work as well as contrasting solid color buttons.)
  • Two needles and thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue to attach the "halo" and buttons
  • Optional:  Pin back to convert the angel into a wearable accessory  

Directions for the large angel:  (sizes for the small angel in parentheses)

1. Cut out a heart from one piece of fabric 8" wide and 7" tall (5 1/2" wide and 5" tall).  Starting at the bottom point of the heart, fold over a scant 1/4" and make a running stitch around one half of the heart.  Stop there and take another threaded needle and make an identical running stitch around the other half of the heart.  Now, you can pull the threads and gather the edges of the heart together.  Tie off both threads and flatten the heart so that the puckered "belly button" is in the center.

2. Cut out a 5 1/2" circle (4 1/4" circle) from the second piece of fabric.  Fold over a scant 1/4" and make a running stitch around the entire circle and finish by pulling the thread tight and tying off the thread.  Flatten the circle so that the "belly button" is in the center.

3. Position the round yo-yo on top of the heart shaped yo-yo and tack into place with needle and thread.  The heart forms the "wings" of the angel and the circle forms the "body".

4. With glue, attach the head where the top of the round yo-yo and the and accent button in the angel's "belly button".  Nest, glue the gold ring to the back of the head button to form the halo.

5. If you wish to make wearable pins, add on a pin back either by gluing or stitching with thread. 

These angels can be made smaller or larger simply by altering the sizes of the beginning hearts and circles. Add them to your gift packages, scrapbooking or even add a string to make adorable Christmas tree decorations.     

Join Marty Brooks at the Gallatin Library for a FREE CLASS on Thursday, August 9th at 10AM.  Nothing to bring but the willingness to have a good time.  Call the Gallatin Library at (615) 452-1722 for information and driving directions.

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