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Gas Drive-Offs Rise With Prices


COOKEVILLE, Tenn.- The pain at the pump is too much for some drivers to bare. As prices climb higher  more people are driving off and not paying.

Police are investigating several cases where drivers are breaking the law. Gas stations that let you pump before you pay are not common in Nashville, but you can find it in places outside the big city. 

In Cookeville the number of gas drive offs are up over last year.

There are very few full service gas stations remaining in Putnam County. Roger Vinson runs one of them.  You stay in your car while Roger pumps the gas.

"They usually say five dollars or fill it up.  Then, we'll take their money after we pump," said Vinson.

Full service is unique these days, but so is paying for the gas after it's in your car. Police say it shouldn't surprise anyone that as gas prices go up more people don't want to pay for it.

Cookeville Police Department officers say they've had 15 incidents of people pumping gas and then driving off without paying for it.  That number is 36 percent higher than last year.

This week someone stole an $82.00 tank of gas at an Exxon. Someone hit a Murphy Oil station the same day.

But some customers are picky.  They don't like paying first.  

"It really blocks up the lines if you have to pay first.  It slows it way up.  I don't like it at all," said customer, Robert Conn.

That's the kind of customer Vinson hopes his full service pumps will attract. However, Vinson knows he's taking a chance. After he pumps the gas someone could still drive off, but so far that hasn't happened.

"When we're out here with them they're not as brave I guess or maybe we've just not been hit here," said Vinson.

With the theft of gas on the rise you can bet there will be even fewer gas stations that will let you pump before you pay. It's already very rare, and soon it could become obsolete.

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