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First Known Victim Of 'Wooded Rapist' Speaks Out

Robert Jason Burdick Robert Jason Burdick
Pat Young Pat Young

After 14 years, police arrested Robert Jason Burdick, the so-called "Wooded Rapist," who police said terrorized and raped several women.

His first known victim spoke Friday to NewsChannel 5 investigative reporter Jennifer Kraus.

She said she's ready to face him again in court and do whatever it takes to make sure he never gets out.

"I am thankful this guy is off the streets," said Pat Young.

Young waited 14 years to find out that police captured the so-called her assailant.

Police said Robert Jason Burdick attacked and raped her in 1994.

"I hope he never sees the light of day," she said. "He is a career criminal. He is a serial rapist, in my opinion, and I hope he's dealt with accordingly."

She is his first known victim. She was 38 and living alone in a house on Franklin Road. The property is surrounded by trees and not far from Radnor Lake.

He broke into the home in the middle of the night and assaulted her, but she fought back.

"My best measure of defense was biting and I bit," she said.

She bit a chunk of flesh out of his hand and stuffed it under her bed. She hoped that if the intruder killed her, piece of flesh would help police find who attacked her.

Police said they have DNA evidence. Young said she heard about the arrest from a Metro detective Thursday morning.

"And he said, ‘We have him.' And I think the rest of the day was a range of emotions

Young said she plans to be in court when Burdick makes his first appearance.

She is also prepared to do whatever she has to to make sure he never gets out so he cannot hurt anyone else again.

"The idea of him out there perpetrating this over and over and over is disturbing and should be to all of us," she said. "And for that, yeah, I'd hope it would. I quit worrying about it long time ago and today it's very, very good news. It's good for me and for the other victims. It's also good for every other woman in Middle Tennessee."

Young said she has nothing she wants to say to Burdick other than to know why he targeted her.

She said investigators never gave up and never stopped searching for the man who attacked her.

She gives a lot of credit to detectives who worked on this case. She said detectives regularly stayed in touch with her ever since she was attacked and she's grateful that all of that their work finally paid off.

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