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Forensic Summer Camp For High School Students


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - The popularity of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" on CBS appears to be rubbing off on students.

Middle Tennessee State University is running a summer camp for teenagers this year. It's all about investigating crime scenes. 

The high school students are learning about blood typing and DNA.

"If it's A Positive or AB Positive both your A's and B's will clump up, and if it's O Negative it won't clump up at all because O doesn't have anything to do with it," said student Darcy Brandon. "You can narrow down your field of suspects."

The camp is called CSI: MTSU. Forensic anthropologist Hugh Berryman runs the three-day event.

Most of what he teaches at the camp is also taught to police officers.

"Sometimes I get a lot better questions from the kids than I do from adults," Berryman said. "There's not that reservation that this might embarrass me if I ask the question."

The camp lets the students explore career possibilities in forensic science.

"But I was just kind of testing it out to see if it's something I could really see myself doing like wanting to put that much time in," said student Hannah McKnight. "I want to do something that I'm going to enjoy."

The camp also gives them a reason to take higher level math and science courses. The instructors seem to do a pretty good job simplifying the material.

"There is just so much that is opening up out there and there are so many job possibilities for these kids and if they find something they really like to do then great," Berryman said.

Someone here could be a future CSI who solves the next big cold case.

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