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Could Governor Get Online Doctorate Degree?

Gov.  Phil Bredesen Gov. Phil Bredesen

"NewsChannel 5 Investigates" discovered a state employee with a suspect degree from Belford University.  But we were curious just how far Belford would go in handing out a fake degree. So we went into an online chat using the name of Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen.  It wasn't really Phil Bredesen, but the online "counselor" didn't seem to care.

Below is the text of the chat:

Please wait for a Student Counselor to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Catherine'
Phil Bredesen: Hello!
Catherine: Welcome to Belford! How may I assist you today?
Phil Bredesen: I was interested in getting a doctorate degree. Can you help?
Catherine: Sure. Have you filled out an application online yet?
Phil Bredesen: No. I'm not sure that I have the right experience for a doctorate. What are my other options?
Catherine: how many years of total work experience do you have?
Phil Bredesen: Quite a few years. Rather than pulling together all that information, can I just submit a paper or something like that?
Catherine: you can fax me your resume and i can fill out your application right now and get you approved for a Doc Degree.
Phil Bredesen: That fast?
Catherine: Well you need an application to be filled out. then you will have to pre-authorise the fee and get evaluated for the degree
Phil Bredesen: I'm trying to get a top job in state government. Will my degree be recognized?
Catherine: It is fully recognised and fully verifible. If they want to check your degree they can call the university and do that.
Phil Bredesen: Does Belford offer degrees in Vegetable Psychology?
Catherine: No we dont offer that major.
Phil Bredesen: Is there something similar?
Catherine: You can go for Psychology.
Phil Bredesen: Would that allow me to engage in psychology?
Catherine: Ofcourse. You can apply anywhere you want to on behalf of that.
Phil Bredesen: Can I just buy a dissertation and submit it?
Catherine: you mean just pay for the degree?
Phil Bredesen: Is that an option?
Phil Bredesen: I'll pay extra!
Catherine: No, you have to get evaluated first. I can get you rush evaluated right now if you are ready togo ahead and sign up.
Phil Bredesen: Do I have to worry about being turned down?
Catherine: if you have relevent work experience then you will pass. how many years of work experience do you have?
Phil Bredesen: I've been governor of the state of Tennessee for the last five and a half years. Would that count?
Catherine: can you fax us your detailed resume so we can get you evalutaed
Phil Bredesen: You can find my resume here:
Catherine: ok let me check
Phil Bredesen: Thanks, Catherine.
Catherine: Ok perfect. I can extract info out from your website to get you evaluated and i'm sure that you are going to pass. I can fill out your application and get you rush evaluated and get you this degree in no time.
Phil Bredesen: That's wonderful!
Catherine: Ok, you can provide me the info over here and i can fill it out for you
Phil Bredesen: OK, what do you need?
Catherine: i need your full name, D.O.B, your e-mail and your shipping address
Catherine: you can type it out here.
Phil Bredesen: Philip Norman Bredesen
Phil Bredesen: DOB: 11/21/43
Phil Bredesen: Governor's Office, Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville, TN 37243
Catherine: your e-mail address and contact number?
Phil Bredesen:
Phil Bredesen: 615-741-2001
Phil Bredesen: By the way, I presume fees like these are normally reimbursed by governments and corporations?
Catherine: We will send you an invoice and you can give it to them to get it done.
Catherine: Ok, would you like to back date your degree to a certain year to lineup your degree with other studies?
Phil Bredesen: Let's date it back to 2001.
Catherine: Sure. Do you want any extra Docs with your Degree?
Phil Bredesen: What might I need?
Catherine: Transcripts, Verification Letters And Additional Degree.
Phil Bredesen: Can you give me some transcripts that the Republicans will believe?
Catherine: Sure. We will provide yu with that.
Catherine: I'll make a complete package and send it out to you. Can i have your contact number.
Phil Bredesen: 615-741-2001
Catherine: Ok through which credit card will you processing your fee?
Phil Bredesen: Can you hold for a moment?
Catherine: Sure.
Phil Bredesen: Sorry. I've looked around and don't have my credit card with me.
Catherine: In order to get this processed you need to take care of the fee through a credit or debit card and just to let you know it will be only charged if you are approved.
Phil Bredesen: Understood. (You'd think a guy who's worth as much as I am would have a lousy credit card on him!) How do I follow up with you tomorrow?
Catherine: Well i can forward you information to one of our student advisor name Danny Robinson and he will give you a call tommorow to take the payments and place your application. What time will be suitable for you?
Catherine: the Alumni Area is not currently activated and we will notify you as soon as it is re-activated
Catherine: it will be a comprehensive facility offering you exclusive services and benefits like Career Counseling, interaction with other graduates, online shopping for souvenirs of the High School, ordering additional documents at discounted rates and so on...
Phil Bredesen: Souvenirs of what high school?
Catherine: Ignore that message please
Catherine: that was for Belford High School kindly ignore it.
Phil Bredesen: Just between us, I never really got a high school diploma. Can I get one of those, too?
Catherine: Ok on your website it says that you have done Bachelors from Harvard University and as per my knowledge you cant become a governor if you dont have a high school diploma.
Phil Bredesen: Just kidding!
Phil Bredesen: It's a Harvard joke!
Catherine: So you dont have a bachelors?
Phil Bredesen: Let's just say I'm trying to get my life in order. That's why I came to your website.
Catherine: Ok let a student Advisor Help you by calling you now, Kindly provide us with your number.
Phil Bredesen: I'll call your toll-free number later. I've got to run and do a press conference on the importance of education!
Chat session has ended.

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