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‘Fablehaven' Author Visits Midstate School


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Books series such as Harry Potter and Twilight have spawned huge followings and movies.

Recently, the author of an up and coming series visited Midstate schoolchildren and inspired several of them to use their imaginations.

Brandon Mull is the successful author of the "Candy Shop War" and the series of books known as Fablehaven.

"The idea behind ‘Fablehaven' is that the reason we don't see magical creatures in our world today like giants or dragons or whatever is that they've all become endangered species," he said to students at Martha Vaught Middle School. "For hundreds of years, all these types of creatures have been gathered together in secret wildlife parks where they are watched over by human caretakers."

The students were selected for their interest in books so he wanted to show them how they might one day be an author, too.

In one exercise, he asked three student volunteers to create a fictitious world to show them that having a vivid imagination helps in writing.

"It's kind of green there's not much animal life. There's not much plant life at all. It's just like a huge desert," said one student.

"The good thing about doing creative stuff for fun is it automatically makes your imagination stronger," Mull said.

Many of the students aspire to be authors.

"I'm really kind of into the stuff he writes," said one student. "And I've sort of started to write a few books and I just kind of write about those mythical creatures."

"When you're reading all you have is those words on the page so what do you have to do to see what's going on when you're reading a book?" Mull said.

"Imagine it right," he said. "You got to picture it in your head."

And at least one future author is impressed not only with Fablehaven, he's kind of having a surreal experience.

"I'm holding a book this guy just thought up and he's talking to me. It's just a really strange feeling," he said.

The movie rights to Fablehaven have been sold to the same group that produced Iron Man and X-Men.

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