Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites For Accurate Tarot Readings & Authentic Predictions

9:00 AM, Jun 01, 2022
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A tarot reading can change your life. How you use the information that these mystical cards reveal can mean the difference between success and failure. You don’t need to be nervous during a reading. The last thing a professional tarot online reader wants is to scare clients away with horrific predictions.

So even if you pull the death card, that doesn’t mean you will face it in the future, it may mean you are about to undergo a transformation after killing parts of yourself that don’t work anymore. In this way, a reading can help you uncover your fate and create a better life for yourself than you are currently living.

It is time to reveal the list of our fantastic four most trusted online tarot sites.

In this section, we have shared some of the best websites that offer free tarot card reading sessions to new members. We will discuss what you can expect from these sites and how each can help you in your unique journey of navigating life as an online tarot enthusiast.

Whether you are new to online tarot card reading or have a plethora of experience, who does not love a free tarot reading? Thereby, the list of our fantastic four is a combination of sites that provide fully free online tarot readings to users before they are charged for paid readings.

Here’s a quick glance at what you can expect from each:

Top 4 Best Online Tarot Card Reading Services

1. KasambaFind love again with extremely accurate love tarot readings (Get 3 minutes of a reading free and 70% off).

2. Psychic SourceMake the best life decisions with a tarot spread (3 free minutes + 75% off for new members).

3. Purple GardenFind out what you are meant to do with your life with online tarot readings (Get $10 free credit with any purchase)

4. California PsychicsDiscover what your career forecasts will be like with a career reading (Use promo code ADD5 to get a free reading for 5 minutes)

Keep on reading our intensive reviews to make an informed decision:

1.Kasamba – Find Out If Love Is In the Cards for You via A Tarot Reading

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If you are looking for love in all the wrong places and are tired of swiping right only to end up with Mr. or Ms. Wrong, online tarot card readings from Kasamba psychics can help. The website has been around way longer than others so it has readers on board who have extensive experience dealing with a range of client requests.

Use the readings the cards reveal to you to determine if you should remain with your current partner, if love is in the future for you, who you can get married to someday and other relationship advice. Sure, your friends can give you great advice, but a reading from tarot cards online from Kasamba can lift the veil from your future.

Here are just some reasons why you should sign up for an account on Kasamba:

Ask Questions About Your Lovers

If your heart was broken recently and your friends are no help, a tarot reading via tarot cards online from Kasamba tarot card readers can reveal hidden truths that can set your heart at ease. You can also ask questions about your existing partner and gain some clarity in your relationship via an online tarot card reading. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Why did my ex betray me?
  • Did I do anything to make them leave?
  • Was my ex cheating on me?
  • Is my current partner faithful?
  • Is marriage on the cards for me or will my partner propose?
  • Is my partner lying to me?
  • Are babies in our future or should we consider adoption?
  • Why does my partner seem distant?

And other queries that your relationships hinge on that tarot cards online can reveal. Trained and experienced psychics take time to give a reading so their clients can get holistic experiences per reading.

Get The First 3 Minutes Of A Reading Free Of Cost!

If you are a skeptic about tarot readers, or psychics in general, you don’t have to spend money to try out the service. New members get 3 free minutes of any online tarot card reading they want along with 70% off. So whether you need relationship advice or any other queries, you can get them completely free of charge during your first session.

This is also a great incentive for people who have to maintain a budget and have little money left over at the end of daily expenses. If the first free session is satisfactory, you can adjust your budget accordingly for tarot card readers.

Get a Tarot Reading On the Go via the App

If you are too busy to sit for a reading online, you can schedule one via the Kasamba app or get a tarot reading on the go. This is especially useful for people who have tough schedules and don’t want to sit behind a computer screen again at the end of their work day.

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices so you can download it easily. You just need to provide your name, credit card details (to avail the free minutes on sign up) and a few other details that can help you make an account.

Once that is done, you can get a tarot reading from the psychics on the portal anytime you want. Just select the app on your phone, the psychic you want a reading from and you will be connected instantly if they are available. If they aren’t, you can always switch to another psychic easily from your phone.

Wide Range of Psychic Services Besides Tarot Reading

Besides offering authentic tarot readings, Kasamba also offers other psychic reading services. These include palm readings, numerology, Eastern Philosophy, paranormal, past life readings, picture readings, financial outlook, religious readings, new age readings and more.

Feel free to go through the website to find out about other types of tarot readings on offer on the website. There is something for everyone so you won’t be disappointed in the least. If you are concerned that you will be wasting your money, just try out the free minutes first.

⇒ Sign Up for A Free Trial Readings On Kasamba Official Website

2. Psychic Source – Get Answers to Life’s Tough Questions With A Tarot Reading

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Nobody said life would be a bed of roses all the time. One day you are on top of the world, and the next, down at the bottom. Whether you feel disillusioned or disoriented with life in general because of your traumatic past, a tarot reading, numerology readings or oracle card readings from Psychic Source can bring clarity to your life.

Like the first two sites we reviewed, this one also accepts psychics that offer astrology readings and tarot readers who have experience giving card readings. Each one is vetted thoroughly before they are allowed to give readings to members. Here are some of the things we loved best about Psychic Source besides free tarot reading:

Simple Sign Up and Range Of Price Packages

All new members have to register for an account before they can hire a tarot reader to tell their fortune via a free tarot card reading. This includes selecting a package for a set duration (10, 20 or 30 minutes). You will also get $5 from the site if you opt for the Membership Rewards Program.

No credits are taken from your account till you choose a free love tarot reading from a specific psychic or tarot reader. You can top up your account anytime you feel it is getting low using your credit card. Add as many credits as you want. As a new customer, you will get a free online tarot reading for a specific set of minutes.

Once you have set up your account and chosen a psychic or tarot reader, you will get a notification when they enter the ‘room’ or session. The good news is that the site starts using credits only when the tarot card reading starts. It doesn’t take the time it takes for the tarot reader to connect into account. You will see a countdown clock on the top during the session so you will know how much time you have left.

Daily Horoscope and Updated Blogs

You don’t have to pay for a horoscope from a tarot reader if you are a paying member on Psychic Source. It will be mailed to you daily free of cost. So you can look forward to each day you open your mail and see what destiny has in store for you. The horoscope will also give you an idea of the type of energy that is surrounding you every day which is better than fortune telling.

Besides a free daily horoscope, users can also update their knowledge on psychics and the tarot reader readings they give up checking out the blog. The site owners make sure that new content is added regularly so members and casual browsers can have an enlightening browsing experience for tarot readings and an online tarot reading. Find news, helpful info and even infographics about all of the things you need to know about the supernatural and online tarot. The site is also a great source for podcasts, videos and a range of other media that ensure an immersive experience.

Detailed Profiles

What is great about Psychic Source is that nothing is hidden from members that want a tarot card reading. You can expect to make an informed decision about the psychics or tarot readers you choose since each one has a detailed profile. Learn the types of tarot card readings they specialize in, the tools they use, their preferred method of giving online tarot reading or a tarot card reading and more with a single glance.

The profiles also include real testimonials from past clients, both the good and the bad for tarot readings. If these reveal that a psychic of your choice may not be the best fit, you can go through another’s profile and choose them if you want. It will also reveal their availability information.

Charity Donations

Unlike most psychic sites, Psychic Source also gives back to charity besides giving a great tarot card reading. It does that by donating 1% of the money you add to your account to a good cause that you can choose. Choose from three different charities on signup and you can rest assured your money is going to the right one as you get an online tarot.

This is a great way to give back to the community without overburdening yourself financially when you get a tarot card reading. The best part is that the site will do it for you so there is no paperwork involved. Get the clarity that you are looking for and feel good about yourself at the same time via an online tarot reading.

⇒ Sign Up for A Free Trial Readings On Psychic Source Official Website

3. Purple Garden - Find Out Your Life’s Purpose Via A Tarot Reading Online

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Are you facing a life-changing decision that your happiness and your family’s future hinges on and need spiritual readings? Are you getting a ton of advice but nothing seems right? Get a glimpse at the future with a tarot reading from a psychic on Purple Garden. The site evaluates each psychic that is hired so you know that you will have a great experience whether you need a dream analysis or a tarot card reading.

The tarot readers on the website offer tarot card reading on a range of topics. Besides critical life questions via a tarot online, they can also reveal what the future has in store for you, the energy you are projecting and what you can do to improve yourself.

Some of the features that landed Purple Garden in our list of top 4 tarot reading sites for a tarot card reading include the following:

A Credible Site

Purple Garden also has an app which you can download for both Android and iOS devices and both are quite secure for a tarot online or tarot card reading online. The site was developed by a reputable company so this isn’t surprising that it has a great online tarot reading. It even has sister sites that are doing equally well called Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics.

The site has measures in place that protect members. Some of them include the following:

  • Ensuring that all calls are monitored and advisors adhere to strict company policies when interacting with clients for online tarot card reading.
  • Clear and honest reviews from members that are not altered for a tarot online.
  • A secure and simple application process for online tarot card reading.
  • A fair refund policy in case a member doesn’t like a reading or a psychic during a tarot card reading.

Clear and Simple Interface for Tarot Card Reading Online

What stands out about Purple Garden is the extremely clean and clear interface it has for astrological readings and tarot card readings. New members don’t have to be tech-savvy to create an account. The intuitive design is made to be as user-friendly as possible so users can browse and even chat with psychics of their choice easily.

It’s as if the developers knew the kind of users that would use the site before they got to work. You just need to provide your name, an email address and credit card info to get started. If you want to use the free minutes for online tarot card readings that are offered to new members, you need to upload your card details first for a tarot card readings. That’s how all of these sites work. New members are more likely to stay on and get more tarot card reading this way so it makes sense.

Simple Payment and Clear Prices

The funds you need to top up your account for a tarot card reading are taken directly from your Android or Apple account. Once the money is transferred successfully, you can get a tarot cards reading from your chosen tarot reader or psychic. Immediately start chatting with them or have a face-to-face meeting via a video session on your phone or laptop for a online tarot card reading.

Convenient Refund Policy

The site has a super convenient refund policy for an online tarot card reading that its members really appreciate. If you are unhappy about a reading and complain within three days, you can get your credits back. Just make sure you give all of the details regarding that session. This includes the name of the psychic, the date and time of the tarot readings along with the reason you want a refund.

The refund you get can be full or partial depending on their evaluation of your online tarot card reading and you can either get credits or real-time money depending on your issue. The people at Purple Garden may take some time getting back to you but as long as you make the complaint on time, you should get a good answer from them.

⇒ Sign Up To Purple Garden Today and Get $10 Free Credit With Any Purchase

4. California Psychics – Find Out If You Are In Your Dream Job or Should Get another One from Skilled Tarot Readers

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If you are at crossroads in your career or are miserable in your existing job, a tarot reading from California Psychics can give clarity. The tarot readers on the site are vetted thoroughly by a panel of experts before they are allowed to give tarot card readings so you will have a legit experience each time.

What is great about the online service is that it will give you your money back if you are unsatisfied with an online tarot reading. You can use the credits on another psychic or tarot reader. Here are some more reasons why making an account on California Psychics is a good idea:

Get Great Career Advice Tarot Card Readings from Tarot Readers

Believe it or not, tarot cards can reveal if the career choice you made is the right decision and if success is in your future if you switch jobs. You have hundreds of tarot readers to choose from on the portal so you can be comfortable during your tarot card readings. Here are some of the questions you can ask them before they pick cards:

  • Should I remain in my current job or switch to another one I was offered?
  • My boss is acting suspiciously. Should I be worried about my job?
  • Should I confront my boss about the pay raise I am owed?
  • Will my current project bear fruit?
  • Should I work with this colleague or ask to be partnered with someone else?
  • I am being harassed at work. Should I report the matter to HR?

And other questions that can help you with your work life or make it easier to manage by helping you de-stress via tarot card reading online or online tarot reading.

Get Karma Rewards for great offers!

All members of the California Psychics portal are eligible for Karma points via tarot card reading online. These are basically the points you accumulate each time you make a purchase via the app or the website. Get enough of these and you can get free readings, or even a birthday or anniversary gift. That’s how much they love their members and want them to return.

This is a great incentive for anyone who uses the site to get a tarot reading online regularly. You basically end up with free stuff if you become a loyal member of this exclusive club.

Free Birth Charts

Want to know what your birthdate says about you as a person? You can find out free of cost by signing up to California Psychics and becoming a loyal member that gets a daily tarot reading online. Use the birth chart calculator on the website to get the insights you are searching for.

All you need to do is enter your zodiac sign, birth date, time of birth and location. The calculator will do the rest. Once it is done, you will receive your birth chart via email at the address you gave on signup after getting an online tarot reading.

Tiered Pricing Structure

The website has several packages on offer but if you don’t select one, you automatically sign up for the preferred package for tarot card reading or online tarot reading. Irrespective of the package you get, you do have to pay for a 20-minute session using your credit card. Once you have used up your free minutes there is no set cost per minute. Just top up your account with more credits to keep using the service.

Depending on the tarot readers that give tarot card reading on the psychics you get you can expect to pay anywhere between $1 and $4 per minute for a session. Add credits according to the duration of each online tarot reading and you can always get one whenever you want.

New clients can get five free minutes of a tarot reading on California psychics by using promo code "ADD5" and enjoy affordable rates of $1 per minute.

⇒ Connect with Highly Rated Tarot Readers at California Psychics Official Website

When You Should and Shouldn’t Get A Tarot Online Reading

Tarot readings can become addictive. If you get one each time you face a personal crisis, pretty soon you will find yourself spending money on simple questions as well. To get a holistic experience each time and your money’s worth, get a reading if:

You Want To Make a Big Decision

If you are faced with some tough decisions and have several options to choose from, a tarot reading can give you critical clues. You can ask the reader to pull cards as you keep each option in mind or pull cards to represent the principle you should use to make your choice via a tarot reading online. All you need to do is be clear on what your options are before the reading starts. You can tell the tarot reader about your problem before they start.

You Are Stuck

Tarot card readers can guide you through the toughest situations and through circumstances that have made you lose focus. This can be anything from a divorce to the sudden loss of a loved one or any situation in which you feel alone and disoriented. A reading from tarot card readers can reveal the steps you should take to get out of the messes you find yourself in. The cards can also reveal what you should do to avoid similar problems in the future.

You Are About To Make a Life-Changing Decision

The best way to make a life-changing decision is by collecting all the necessary information you can beforehand. Get help from the psychic realm with a tarot reading from a tarot reader that may reveal more info. Just make sure you tell the reader about the questions you want answers for. They can tell you the mindset you should maintain during the tarot reading online for the best answers or reading. They can also tell you how you can handle what lies ahead in your future.

You Want To Know More About Yourself

A tarot card online reading can illuminate parts of yourself that you are unaware of and can reveal your true potential. The parts they reveal can have a positive or negative impact on your life and bring it into context, or give you the wisdom that can help you navigate issues. Try a life story reading for a fun and immersive experience.

You Are Looking For Inspiration

If you are suffering from writer’s block or need inspiration for anything creative endeavors you are involved in, a best tarot reading online from an experienced psychic can work wonders. The cards can reveal a new perspective that can reveal hidden truths and meanings that can give your work some flow. A reading can also give you some great ideas you can use in your work.

Here are some instances when you should NOT get a tarot reading:

When You Just Had a Reading Done

Getting a free tarot reading online a couple of hours after your last one is futile. You will get the same answers. If you get a different reading, you should switch tarot readers. Unless you want to ask for a reading on a completely different topic, wait a day or two for your next one.

You Want a Redo

If you get online tarot readings from a good tarot reader and you don’t like what the cards revealed to them about you, asking for another one is not a great idea. Remember, readers only reveal what the cards show them. They don’t present their personal opinions. You can switch readers if you want, but do so after a day rather than immediately. Some people can go to several tarot card readers to get different answers to the same question till they hear what they want to hear. If that is also the case for you, why not make the decision yourself?

You Want To Inquire About Someone Else

A tarot reading is an extremely personal experience. If you want to get one for someone else, you are doing yourself a disservice and wasting your money. Love readings are supposed to give you insight about yourself, not about others. So rather than asking what your ex is going through or if he has a new girlfriend, ask how you can move on from the breakup and if there is another person in your life later from online tarot readings.

You Are Seeking Medical Advice

A tarot reader or any psychic is not a doctor. They cannot diagnose an ailment or predict a future one by looking at existing symptoms. Some things are best left to specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that new members may have regarding tarot readings on these sites:

Are Tarot Readings Related to Astrology?

Many people don’t know this but yes, tarot readings are deeply rooted in astrological practices. Each zodiac sign is represented by a card in the Major Arcana. What’s that you ask? A tarot deck contains a total of 78 cards which are divided into two sets – the Major and Minor Arcana for tarot card reading. The former is the name cards and the latter are divided into four suits i.e. cups, wands, pentacles and swords. The tarot reader reads them to give a tarot card reading.

What Religion Does the Practice of Tarot Cards Come From?

We cannot say that they originate from a single religion. Tarot readings are based on the teachings from Buddhism, paganism and First Nation’s teachings. They are considered to be tools for New Age thought and practice for tarot card reading.

Final Words

Tarot cards reveal different things to different people so no two readings are alike. The readers you find may please or displease you, but the cards never lie so take them with a grain of salt if you are skeptical. You can always switch sites or tarot readers if you don’t like the ones you choose. Use our review to make an informed decision. Get a dream analysis while you are at it. It will do you a world of good by bringing clarity to your life.

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