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How Kroger makes healthy shopping easy

Posted at 10:28 AM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 16:52:12-04

We all know that shopping healthy can have its challenges, but Kroger makes the process much easier.

Kroger’s Simple Truth product line is natural and organic, and free from 101 artificial ingredients and preservatives. They’re awesome products for the health-conscious foodie, available exclusively at the Kroger Co. family of stores.

Kroger is also offering personal shopping services for free in May – sign up for a 30 minute session, one-on-one with a dietitian right in the aisles of your Kroger store!  Visit to learn more.

Another way Kroger is making healthy shopping easier is a brand-new app called OptUp.

With OptUp you not only get to see the nutrition score of the products you’ve purchased, but you are also given “better for you” recommendations to help you find the healthiest choices based on the foods you love most.

When you open the app, the dashboard shows the overall score for your purchases over the last eight weeks using your existing Kroger Plus Card account. The app helps take some of the confusion out of shopping by tracking the items you enjoy most.

What does an OptUP nutrition score mean?

Scores are based on a nationally recognized nutrient profiling system that’s been enhanced by a team of registered dietitians. This system helps to summarize the information on nutrition labels, making it easy to compare similar products and find better-for-you options.

Visit for more details and to download the OptUP app.