Free Psychic Reading Online - Top 3 Psychics Sites For Free Readings of 2022

9:00 AM, May 31, 2022
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Looking for a summer romance, clean break from a busy schedule or possible fortune? Free psychic readings can be a medium for self-reflection, a magical experience, or a spiritual journey. You might even try it for fun. Various online psychic readings exist, and they each provide insight into who you are and where your life’s headed. There are, however, significant differences in the way each reader works and perceives the world.

Free psychics allow you to explore multiple divination options before committing to one cosmic consultation style. Signing up for trials has become hassle-free due to online services. All it requires are a few simple steps, and you’re a click away from the most memorable mystic meeting of your life.

We have rounded up three terrific platforms for online psychic readings. Choose according to your budget, mystic goals, and convenience.

Let’s go!

Top 3 Free Psychic Reading Sites You Must Try

1. Kasamba - Central Point for Love Readings & Life's Path Guidance (3 Free Mins + 70% Off for New Members)

2. Psychic Source - Top Choice for Career & Financial Advice (3 Free Mins+ 75% Off for New Users)

3. Keen Psychics - Budget-Friendly Psychic Readers & Fortune-Tellers (3 Free Trial Minutes)

Which Free Psychic Reading Online Platform Is Right for You?

One quick search for a “psychic near me” or “psychic reading near me” will lead you to dozens of viable options. Switching keywords to virtual services will result in a thousand hits. As an online user you need to select the service provider carefully.

Think of privacy policies, user-friendliness, and affordability. Customer service matters most considering the long distance and virtual relationships you build online. Having an insider to resolve in-app or website glitches can help tremendously.

We streamline your search by reviewing some of the biggest, authentic, and most popular platforms in the digital market. These sites hit all the right boxes when it comes to security, specialty, and speed. They are convenient to use regardless of your tech experience.

That means anybody can access these top-tier mystic services without hesitation. All three platforms provide free psychic reading online. That makes them all the more desirable for your mystic adventure.

Without further ado, let the evaluation begin:

1. Kasamba - An Excellent Choice for Psychic Love Reading

Kasamba -- for sponsored content use only

Kasamba impresses target clients through its impeccable standards and personalized services. Love psychics are available here to resolve every dilemma related to dating, heartbreaks, marriages, and more. The platform has been in operation since the 90’s and hopes to keep the legacy alive for decades.

These days, it has garnered popularity due to free psychic love reading trials available for three minutes. These complimentary services give new users an idea of how the service works and a chance for readers to showcase their potential.

Learn more about it here:

A Diverse Team of Mystic Mentors

You will find an assorted group of live psychics on this platform. Each practitioner specializes in niche divination theories and rituals. Some experts might even conquer them all, becoming the most prominent advisor within the network.

Having access to an extensive range of service choices gives you more power to overcome life challenges.

Your options include:

  • Past life readings to understand how previous life events and actions are disrupting your present
  • Tarot card interpretations to ask the blessed cards some crucial questions about your future.
  • Astrological readings for zodiac compatibility and love horoscopes
  • Oracle readings for a more contemporary outlook at your romantic relationships
  • Dream analysis to decipher recurring patterns and visions in your dreams
  • An enchanted crystal ball that answers your questions through spiritual visions

As you can see, each practitioner brings something rare and insightful onto the divination table. Kasamba allows you to test their capabilities through a free psychic love reading with every new practitioner you try after creating an official account.

It does an excellent job of screening its psychic readers for quality and talent. It only allows the best of the best to offer their services in its community. This means you can be sure of getting the most accurate and informational readings possible when you use Kasamba!

Witness a Whole New World of Romance

The psychic love reading strives to rekindle romance, rewrite love stories and unite users with soul mates. Having a sixth sense and intuition helps Kasamba to uncover the secrets of your relationship through love readings.

Practitioners tackle an array of different topics to accommodate unique circumstances. In turn, this transforms the app into an inclusive hub for dejected lovers, hopeful romantics and ones trying to make their marriage work.

Regardless of your situation, the best psychics never fail to instill positive and warm vibes. They cover specific areas of your romantic life.

You can ask questions like:

  • Is my partner cheating on me? Should I forgive them?
  • What external factors are forcing us apart?
  • Should I move in with X?
  • Is this the right partner or should I keep looking for someone more compatible?
  • What do my recurring dreams about X and Y mean?

Various options open the digital doorway for first timers ready to experience the mystic side of consultations.

An Interactive Space for Communication (Works 2 Ways)

Do you prefer phone psychic readings or chat psychics? Kasamba adopts flexibility by allowing you to consult advisors through live chats (aka instant messaging) or extended calls. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. When you select a psychic medium you can select their profile or the tab above to ensure their reading style matches your comfort levels.

Rates are selected based on audio or text services. We suggest you compromise on budget to experience a reading that best fits your communication style. Here the introverts might prefer messaging through a private chat psychics reading.

In contrast, someone with a gift of gab might enjoy an extended call with phone psychics more. Flexible time for scheduling calls adds onto this special feature.

A Downloadable App to Stay Connected 24/7

The Kasamba app works for Android and iOS software applications. These are an instant hit for an always-on generation that prefers to drop a message to a mystic advisor on the go. There are callback features to ensure that you can inform your psychic reader by postponing meetings, canceling appointments and more.

Plus, the dashboard has messages that are accessible for all mobile users. You can skim through the threads to find previous mentions and psychic predictions. Reviewing older readings can help you see what worked and did not in your specific case. You can fine tune service reading options accordingly.

Aside from this, you can receive daily spiritual readings and horoscopes through in-app notifications. These help you stay attuned with the cosmos wherever you may go and whatever you may do. A free psychic reading online will be available via the mystic app.

The higher accessibility and simplicity of the service attracts beginners. That’s because it’s less complicated than trying to sift through multiple reader lists on a clunky website.

Intuitive Psychic Matching Wizard

Speaking of choices, Kasamba uses advanced technology to use big data analysis for your free psychic readings. The intelligent tool connects you with a potential practitioner by comparing your questionnaire answers with the skill set of available love psychics.

For instance, you might be looking for a psychic reader that specializes in palm reading. The algorithm will ensure that only relevant advisors make the cut when you search them through the website or the app.

Once you have an almost perfect advisor on board, you can opt for free psychic readings to test if the AI-led matching tool works.

Get Good Rates and Exceptional Services

Free psychics are not the only enticing feature of this mystic network. You’ll soon realize that you’re saving more than usual on your cosmic services when you compare the market rates online.

Despite being quite a catch popularity wise, Kasamba did not increase its rate to turn its services into a money making machine. Instead you can follow a simple three tier price plan to accommodate your needs and budget. The starting price begins at $0.99 which is pretty cheap for a service that can transform your whole life.

Plus, we can’t forget that some of the fortune tellers and mystic advisors on Kasamba have collectively covered two decades of excellent service in the digital divination realm.

What about refunds? Kasamba understands that things can go awry during a meeting with live psychics. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the money spent during unsatisfactory sessions. The diligent user support team will reimburse the amount under special circumstances. You may receive a partial or full refund depending on the situation.

We strongly advise you to lodge complaints immediately to receive a quick response from the mystic service providers.

Unforgettable Offers for New Users with Free Psychic Readings

Clients registering to Kasamba for the first time can unlock a complimentary trial with free psychics. These readings last for three free minutes and can work for all Kasamba services and sub-services. That means you can enjoy a free psychic reading online with palmists, astrologists, tarot card readers, and more.

Once you connect with a service provider, you can continue the session through paid services. Every beginner receives a 70% discount for subsequent readings. In this way, you get to spend at least the first month at a discount for your mystic adventures.

Low Risks and High Security

Besides refunds and exceptional free psychic readings, Kasamba offers maximum user security to registered members. The SSL encryption code ensures that your private and confidential details remain under protection on the website. They also adhere to user privacy laws rigorously, terminating delinquent advisors when they step out of line.

Moreover, Kasamba uses credible payment channels to ensure that user transactions are processed through high authority channels. This limits the risk of fraudulent activities, scams, and other cybercrimes.

⇒ Visit Kasamba for a Free Trial Readings + 70% Discount!

2. Psychic Source - Transform Your Career & Financial Trajectory with Free Psychics

Psychic Source -- for sponsored content use only

Psychic Source has a significant place in the mystic market. It's been in business for over twenty years and often listed as the pioneering service provider. What started as a psychic online service has become so much more with its extended list of services. Registered users have access to multiple options that match their budget and appease their mystic interests.

The diversity, feasibility, and a stellar client experience supports platform growth. Due to this, targeted audiences continue to choose it for mystic services.

Here’s a closer look at the key features of Psychic Source:

Dependable Psychic Predictions for Finance and Career Forecasts

Whether you’re planning to buy a new house, a lotto ticket, or gearing for a new job, some mystic advice can go a long way. There are multiple ways to find out whether the next will serve you well. Conversely there are ways to deter danger.

For instance, you can ask an advisor if a career move will lead to contentment and what your true passions are from a professional perspective. You can use this advice to change the course of your professional life. In other instances, divination-led decisions about stock market, real estate investments, and other high-end purchases can prove fruitful.

How are these decisions made? Some users opt for astrology readings to consult start alignments. Other people use numerology readings to uncover numerical sequences that bring luck in their lives. Additionally, crystal ball gazing, tarot decks, and dreams can also hold a nugget of information about your financial future.

Effective results are seen when you truly believe that a specific thing will happen through manifestation. You’ve also got to put in some effort to reach those results.

Customizable & Compatible Services

Psychic Source adopts an adaptive approach to accommodate client needs. You can compare professional profiles before picking a reader. Use past reviews and recommendations to optimize your selection.

The website also features a built-in psychic reader matchmaking service. The advanced algorithm filters options according to the prompts you shared. As a consequence, you find the right advisor each time.

Customization doesn’t end here. You receive more freedom in choosing payment plans to ensure the service doesn’t cross your budget.

Reliable and Accurate Fortune Telling Guaranteed

The best psychics on the web are affiliated with Psychic Source. That can only mean one thing—you’ll have a hard time finding advisors as good as their elsewhere. Their inner talent and expertise result in some soul searching and extra personalized predictions.

The fact that they are mostly focused on your thoughts, feelings, and actions, make them a reliable match for you. Through these virtual sessions, you receive premium quality readings on career, finances, professional choices, etc. The accuracy of the astrological readings are phenomenal.

A 3 Minute Reading on the House with Free Psychics

Want to meet free psychics? This platform might be a frontrunner. Yet, it doesn’t hesitate to please clientele with amazing offers. These special deals include a complimentary trial for three minutes for new members. Users can select anyone they want for these live demos and ask what their heart desires most.

Once the trial duration ends, you can either continue the service by paying for extra minutes or hang up on the call. Scheduling follow-up sessions with designated psychic mediums can be as easy as arranging these free psychic readings.

Tempting Discount Deals for New Users

When you create an account on the Psychic Source, you receive a live demo for three minutes and 75% discount on your first paid consultation. The discount cuts down three-fourth of the original price of your service. These discounts allow you to explore the platform and its services further without digging deep into your pockets.

The budget-friendly solution makes psychic reading online fun and affordable.

A Fully Secure and Protected Channel

When you choose Psychic Source, you evade online scams and fraudulent activities. Site administrators on this platform screen and verify applicants before making them loyal advisors. These professionals can be entrusted with your personal queries as they won’t breach privacy laws for monetary gain.

In addition, you have a cooperative and compassionate user support team. They address complaints and handle queries in real time. You can always count on them to direct you towards the right channel or service representative when things go amiss.

⇒ Visit Psychic Source for a Free Trial Readings + 75% Discount!

3. Keen Psychics - A Great Mystic Source for Beginners

Keen -- for sponsored content use only

Keen Psychics does not have the most extensive industry experience on this list. Yet, you shouldn't undermine its potential because of that reason. The site still has a few good years more than new Avant grade apps that are still learning the business.

Plus, unlike traditional sites, it features a modern, minimalist layout. It can very well be the unique selling point of this service provider.

Here’s an overview of its key features:

Credible User Ratings for Consulting a Psychic Online

Keen caters to an extensive audience that visits the site from different parts of the country. Its five star ratings and satisfactory client reviews are a testament of its quality service. Users consider it a good choice for:

  • Finding solace after a loss
  • Embarking on a spiritual journey
  • Discovering new love
  • Reviving motivation and faith
  • Regain lost confidence

Each psychic reader on this site brings their A-game to the platform. That’s the reason why it continues to thrive amidst top contenders in the cosmic world.

User Privacy Guaranteed

You can expect reliable and accurate psychic readings on Keen Psychics from experienced practitioners. Site administrators go above and beyond security protocol by vigilantly protecting user privacy rights. SSL encryption, password authentication and user verification steps for registered members prevent a third-party from infiltrating the system.

This systematic approach and a strict recruitment procedure for interested advisors prevents scammers from entering the database. These protocols result in a tighter security system. Consequently, your contact details and private information remains protected throughout your membership.

These collective features make Keen a highly trustworthy site for web visitors.

An All-Rounder in the Psychic World

Whether you’re looking for past life readings, tarot interpretations, or no tool divination services, Keen has got it covered. The site explores the multifaceted world of mysticism by aligning traditions with contemporary cosmic policies.

Registered members can access services and subservices to contact niche experts in their fields. Then work with them to collaboratively and cosmically overturn life challenges that these individuals experience in day-to-day life.

Free Psychic Reading for Newcomers

Keen Psychics welcomes new registrants with a three minute long trial. The complimentary service allows you to choose any psychic reader you like. Use these free minutes to your advantage by learning how this system works. Also, understand what a practitioner might need from you and vice versa.

You get to do all this and more without paying a dime for the service. Once you approve the system, you can switch to standard paid readings.

A Highly Reasonable Rating System

Keen divides prices according to the skills, capabilities, and reading style of designated service providers. That means an email reading might cost less than phone psychic readings. While chat psychics might be cheaper than emails. The expertise of the psychic reader and duration of each consultation determines the final cost.

If you’re looking for estimates, then Keen Psychics can cost around $0.99 to $2.00 for beginner level readings. The cost reaches around $4.00 per minute for elite level psychic readings online.

⇒ Visit Keen Psychics for a Free Trial Readings

People Also Ask: How Do Free Psychic Readings Work?

tarot -- for sponsored content use only

Online psychic readings follow a three-step format.

Once you create an account, you can browse through practitioner profiles to appoint a psychic reader. To select a compatible consultant for your divination-led session, think of your end goals. The next step requires your input. After introducing themselves, online psychics expect you to ask a question related to your current circumstances. You can inquire about your past and ask about your future too.

The last phase of these readings revolves around psychic predictions. You receive 2-5 minute readings depending on the reading style and package you selected. The prediction can be a direct answer to your question or something subtle. The best psychics help clients uncover the secret by explaining the meaning in detail.

It’s also good to ask follow-up questions when things are unclear. That’s better than misinterpreting something as powerful as a prophecy.

Here are some other questions you may have about consulting a psychic online:

Is It Good to Get a Free Psychic Reading Online?

The best psychics can enlighten you with mystic knowledge that awakens your spiritual self. You gain insights into your past, current, and prospective life with a cosmic context. Finding out how the universal laws and fate come into play can be exciting and enlightening for many people.

Online psychic readings teach you:

  • Self-awareness. Become highly self-aware of your actions, interactions, and surroundings. The extra cautiousness will lead to better life decisions, deeper love for life, and healthier relationships.
  • Faith and gratefulness. Learn to be more grateful and appreciative of life by seeing the bigger picture. The losses and unexpected turns might lead you to a happier plot twist. A psychic reader gives you hope and teaches you to adopt an optimistic perspective of life.
  • Clarity. Online psychics can help you get out of that rut if you feel stuck, unmotivated, and uninspired. Spiritual readings can be pretty inspirational for anyone going through testing times. They provide a glimpse into your future and help you learn from past mistakes. These valuable insights equip you with the knowledge required to move on and overcome obstacles experienced during different points in life.

These are only some of the reasons to try free psychics virtually. Depending on your circumstances, there’s much more you can gain and learn from a mystic advisor.

What’s more? The new generation considers tarot readings as therapy. It isn’t surprising considering that psychoanalyst Carl Jung called them “archetypes of mankind” years ago. He believed that psychic mediums can prove valuable in manifesting a brighter future and uncovering our intuitive side. Everything from the visuals to decodable symbolism can bring us closer to the real truth of our lives.

Therefore, phone psychics could very well be therapists with mystic premonitions. Instead of sharing advice deep-rooted in medical research, they offer wisdom passed down through the spiritual realm. Additionally, these practitioners get modern users in touch with traditional rituals and practices that help one heal internally and live fully.

Due to this, signing up for fortune telling sessions can help you purge negative thoughts and invoke positive ones.

Should You Talk to Online Psychics Daily?

Daily readings have their pros and cons. Your intention for the reading plays a pivotal role in determining whether this practice will work for you. For instance, you can use daily tarot readings or horoscopes to learn about your day. Conversely, you can use these sessions to receive cosmic guidance about an upcoming decision. These prophecies are focused on inspiring you to become the best version of yourself.

You also learn to align actions with cosmic energies for luck.

On the other hand, daily readings seeking a drastic change within a short period aren’t favorable. You should also refrain from asking the same question repeatedly from the mystic reader in hopes of receiving a different reading. Likewise, you can’t change practitioners when you get an ominous reading or ask medical questions from online psychics.

We recommend pacing yourself when you’re unhappy with a mystic consultation. Opt for weekly or monthly discussions with a psychic reader instead of daily chats.

What’s the Difference Between Oracle and Tarot Readings?

Oracle card readings and tarot interpretations are often used interchangeably.

However, they are uniquely different from each other. Oracle cards might come from a deck but they only consist of 30-45 cards and exist in different variations. You can also draw one card out to receive a spiritual message. Unlike tarot, you won’t have to use spreads or combinations of draws to receive divine wisdom.

In contrast, tarot readings are more structured and traditional. Most practitioners use a 78 card deck that gets split into two segments—major and minor arcana. The illustrations inside represent archetypes that symbolize a thought, feeling, entity, or spirit. Interpreters use cards pulled (or selected) by clients to answer any question you asked about your life and relationship.

Therefore, when we compare them, oracle decks might appear more interpretive and flexible than conventional tarot decks. Contemporary practitioners can provide readings via both cards while others hold onto niche practices.

What Makes Online Psychics Safer Than Psychics Near Me

Virtual services are considered safer than a potential “psychic reading near me.” There are multiple reasons for consulting a mystic advisor over phone psychic readings. These consultations occur in a private (and sometimes monitored) anonymous chat room which allows you to keep your identity under wraps. You can’t do that in the real world as you’re physically attending these mystic appointments.

Additionally, online psychics are screened and verified by authority sites before you meet them. Many sites also instruct registered advisors to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It ensures that stories shared during consultation remain private and confidential.

Moreover online transactions are conducted through secure payment channels. You can trust these virtual spaces with your credit card details and information. You also have a long list of reviews guaranteeing a safe and secure service through user testimonials, ratings, and referrals.

You won’t find this level of check and balance in the real world. Therefore, there’s no certain way of knowing whether the practitioner you’re meeting has genuine gifts or it's a gimmick.

Are Free Psychic Readings Worth Your Time? 

Since you save a few dollars by testing a site first, it does feel like a worthwhile experience.

Free psychics get a bad rep for being gimmicks or frivolous services. They are, however, pretty reliable when you use a high authority domain for your trial session. The complimentary services are available to newly registered users as part of a welcome package.

You receive a limited trial session that introduces to live psychics and their niche services via a proper consultation. The quick meeting gives you an idea of how online psychic readings work and which sub-service you can pursue to find answers to your life questions.

Ready to Live Your Best Life with Free Psychic Readings?

A free psychic reading online serves as a gateway to digital divination. It’s your all access pass to explore credible service websites and sources. You can use complimentary trials to get to know your psychic reader and their niche service offerings. They are also an economical way to experiment with mystic services before you switch to paid trial.

Psychic readings work whether you’re experiencing a romantic dilemma or need advice on career-related matters. They are equally insightful in addressing past life issues, interpreting recurring dreams, and recognizing your true purpose. The possibilities go beyond limits as long as you have the best online psychics by your side.

Use our guide to choose wisely and uncover the secrets of this mystical world on the web.

May the odds continually be in your favor!

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