Beautiful Gourmet Mini-Doughnuts At The Dapper Doughnut

Posted: 10:38 AM, Mar 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-16 15:38:52Z

Freshly made, gourmet mini-donuts you can grab on the go? Yes, please! The Dapper Doughnut is definitely a “must try” when walking through the Opry Mills Mall. If the glorious smell of hot doughnuts doesn’t catch your attention, the perfectly decorated desserts will.

The concept is unique. You select the number from six, twelve, twenty-four or forty-eight starting at $5 dollars. Next, you select your topping! I chose the dozen, because hey, it’s my job to make sure I fully inspect everything that makes my list of Music City Musts! You’re welcome.  

You can watch as they make your doughnuts right in front of you. I tried just about every flavor from the granulated sugar, powdered sugar, blueberry lemon, yum! To me, the powdered sugar ones tasted just like a funnel cake. Eating them fresh and hot, they melt in your mouth. This place is even a one-stop-shop serving doughnuts, coffee, other sweets and pastries. You can even book them to cater dessert at your wedding or other events. This is located outside of Entrance 3 - near Rainforest Café. Head to their website to find out more: You “dough-not” want to miss it!