Manduu Offers Fast, Intense Workouts Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation

It’s so hard to find the inspiration to workout. We all know it’s good for us, but when trying to make yourself go to the gym, the struggle is real.

I’m much better at sticking to my weekly regimen of eating pizza and watching my favorite shows, all from the comfort of my couch. Now, I literally have no excuses.

Thanks to my next Music City Must - there’s absolutely NO reason to not work out.

There’s a place in Franklin that promises incredible results in just (drumroll please)... 15 minutes of exercise! It’s called Manduu, and trainers at the studio say spending hours at the gym is a thing of the past.

Their new fitness studio opened in Cool Springs, and it’s only the third of its kind in the country.

The man running the show, Wiley Robinson, put me through this workout of the future. Wiley says breaking a sweat with this kind of high-intensity muscle stimulation is all about re-shaping your body and maintaining your overall health – for years to come.

So how does it work? EMS or electrical muscle stimulation - that’s how! Sounds intense, huh? It basically is!

EMS activates more than 90 percent of the body's muscle fibers in a single workout. You put on a specialized outfit before each session, they have you step on a full body scale that detects your overall health, and then they suit you up in a special EMS vest and pants that look a lot like a scuba suit.  

The suit is filled with electrodes and when they plug it in you feel it. Do a few moves, and feel your body turn to molasses! I was sore for days.

Manduu uses the only FDA approved EMS device in the U.S. so no worries, it’s very safe and effective. Check it out for yourself at

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