Nashville's Own Competitive Ping Pong Tourneys

It seems like Clyde’s on Church is always poppin.’ I consider it the perfect destination for games, brews and food.

Home to a large space on Church Street in Midtown, there’s a covered patio, two main rooms and a bar.

The space itself is a must-see. It’s basically a sports bar with vintage vibes covered with old movie posters, a juke box, ping pong tables, wallpaper from the mid-1900s, funky chandeliers, and pinball machines as tables.

This is a Music City Must because there’s more behind those ping pong tables than meets the eye! If ping pong is your game, Clyde’s is your place. Everyone knows that.

They have five ping pong tables, including two on the patio, but I bet you had NO idea that at the end of every month they host a legit ping pong tournament!

People, I’m not talking about a friendly competition between fellow pongers. Nope. This tournament is intense. I’m talking BYOP – Bring Your Own Paddle kind of players.

There are even nets to manage out-of-control pinging and ponging.

I decided to enter and give it a try for myself. I met a guy who showed up early to “warm up.” You bet he brought his own paddle, and even that had its own case.

This is where I tell you that yes, I lost miserably. It’s worth the embarrassment, however, because you have a shot at some incredible prizes each tournament!

While you’re at it, take a look at the photos near the bathrooms — there are hundreds of handpicked photos of celebrities playing ping pong. 

If you’re up to the challenge, visit

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