Kung Fu Saloon's Kimchi Cheese Tots Pack A Punch

I know Kung Fu Saloon is one of the hottest spots in mid-town with its arcade bar-theme, games for us over-grown kids, and a huge outdoor patio space. It’s a vintage arcade, sports bar, and nightly hotspot all in one! Here’s the kicker, they not only have all of this, but they also have an entire gourmet (yes gourmet) menu as well! It’s basically fancy bar food times ten. Their best item on the list is the "Kimchi Cheese Tots." After one bite, I had to put this plate on my list of “Music City Musts.” The tots are made of bacon, cheddar cheese, pulled pork, smoky queso, scallions, and of course - the kimchi. Every bite is packed with flavor! If you’re feeling like a ninja, head to mid-town and check out Kung Fu Saloon. It’s located at 1921 Division St. Nashville, TN 37203 and check out their website


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