Car Theft Mystery Solved in Popular Nashville Neighborhood

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - After originally reporting her car stolen in the popular 12 South neighborhood, a Nashville woman has told Metro Police that the mystery has now been solved: she forgot where she parked her car.

The case of the car's alleged disappearance was initially a mystery, because Danielle Adkins, the women who reported the car stolen to police, said she had locked her car and taken her keys with her.

At the time, Adkins said police confirmed her Toyota Yaris hadn't been towed away, and police said they couldn't find any broken glass nearby, even though there was a big downpour that could have washed some of it away.

Metro Police say Adkins called them on Wednesday to say that she found her car on 12th Ave. South at Caruthers -- about five blocks from where she thought she had parked it.



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