Community Opposes Distillery In Murfreesboro Meeting

Posted: 10:43 PM, Jan 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-18 04:43:54Z

A special-called meeting was held of the Planning commission in Murfreesboro as the future of a potential new distillery near neighborhoods hangs in the balance.

From the beginning it seemed the man in charge of the meeting knew it would be a long night.

The question: should these homes host a new neighbor a distillery moving in right next door? Signs pointed to neighbors saying the answer should be "no."

"Hard-working men and women who simply want to continue breathing clean air young children who simply want to play basketball or ride their bikes without fear of semi trailer trucks disrupting their play," said neighbor Heather Cadenhead.

An attorney for the distillery, owned by the Sazerac Company, says the company would be willing to fund a road expansion nearby if the distillery comes in. They addressed some concerns, including those that the distillery would transform this quiet neighborhood. 

"The noise by and large is internal we will have trucks that come and go each day that will create some noise we understand that but would not be more than the interstate traffic," said Matt Taylor, Attorney for Sazerac.

Most in the audience stood against the plan. "It also uses our neighborhood as part of the access to this property which could possibly present a danger to the people that live in the neighborhood," said neighbor Clyde Willis.

Most said they don't want a distillery as a neighbor. The city council will now weigh in on the distillery issue before a final decision.