Mosquito Season Underway With A Vengeance

West Nile Virus Reported In Mosquito Batches
Posted: 3:39 PM, Sep 07, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-07 23:38:57Z

If you head outside with no bug spray around dusk or dawn, you have a pretty good chance of getting bit by a mosquito, and people all across Middle Tennessee are complaining about how many mosquitos there are. 

“It’s at a level right now that I haven’t seen previous years," Deric Boileau, owner of Earthwise Pest Solutions, said. “Mosquito season is April through October typically here in the state of Tennessee, that’s identified by the Department of Agriculture. It can start early, it can go late.”

Boileau uses food-based mosquito spray that's safe for humans and animals alike, and he said while the sprays go a long way in preventing mosquitos, homeowners have to take it upon themselves to help with mosquito prevention. Mainly: making sure there are no areas where water can pool up. 

“Things like wheelbarrows, kids toys, anything that can be a vessel for water and then be hit by the sun," Boileau said. "The smaller the water volume, the quicker it comes up to temperature and becomes stagnant, and that’s a perfect breeding source for mosquitos.”

While no method will completely eliminate mosquitos, the right steps can cut the population down significantly to where you may not get bit after spending a whole evening outdoors.

Boileau said that's in large part due to the fact that mosquitos rarely travel to areas where they aren't embraced with breeding grounds and places to live. 

“Mosquitos are not strong fliers, they don’t fly from that house over to this house because you’re out. They blow around in the wind mainly.”

The Metro Public Health Department has reported numerous batches of mosquitos tested in the past month have been West Nile virus positive. They suggest if you spend time outdoors that you wear bug spray and cover up.