Residential Buildings Provide More Amenities To Lure Residents

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - As Nashville is on the rise, downtown residential buildings are working to lure in residents and create the best experience possible by adding more amenities and services than ever before.

The prime example is 505, one of the newest buildings in downtown Nashville (5th and Church) and the tallest residential tower in Tennessee. 

505 is the most amenity-rich community in Nashville, with a saltwater pool, tennis court, pickleball court, bocce ball court, and dog park on the roof of the 7th floor, and numerous more amenities inside, including a gym, a coffee bar, plenty of common areas, and even a Dog Spot shop inside of the building. 

“We want our community to get out of the building and see everything that the neighborhood has to offer, but you don’t have to leave the building if you don’t want to," LB Tauscher, head concierge, said. "You can get your dry cleaning done here, your food meal prep delivered to us, your packages you can pick up 24 hours a day. We have 24-hour concierge as well, and they offer a myriad of services. We don’t say no.”

The Dog Spot will even offer to pick up your dog from your condo or apartment and take it for a walk, returning it to your space without you having to lift a finger. 

Many have said that living at 505 is like living in a hotel environment, which makes sense, as some of the floors at 505 actually act as a hotel.

505 has hotel rooms, condos, and apartments available, and through it all, they focus on supporting local companies in their business wherever possible.

“Our owner really has a heart for developing Nashville, and to us, that means keeping as much business as we can local," Tauscher said. 

The amenities are so rich at 505, many have gotten rid of their cars, with the ability to walk to their work from their downtown home, and enough amenities able to be delivered or within walking distance that a car wasn't necessary. 

Amenities range from accepting deliveries for you, to purchasing concert or sporting tickets for residents. They will even book you a private helicopter tour over Nashville if you ask. 

For more information on 505, you can visit their website

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