Space Heaters Used To Warm MNPS Classrooms

Posted: 7:35 PM, Jan 04, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-05 01:50:57Z

On Wednesday morning, a cold student at Fall-Hamilton Enhanced Option Elementary School cuddled up in a blanket in an unheated classroom.

Michelle Michaud said, "So Fall-Hamilton had 10 classrooms that were without heat today. We have put space heaters in the classrooms and we think that will be resolved by end of day." 

Elementary School teachers who did not want to be identified tell me some of the classrooms were 40 to 60 degrees. 

Michaud said, "But every situation is different. Why a boiler is breaking down, why it can't keep up with demand, I mean zero degrees, 5 degrees, 15 degrees, our schools are not prepared for that kind of ongoing cold weather." 

A Metro Nashville Public Schools spokesperson told parents to make sure students are bundled up.

Michaud said, "Please know that you need to dress in layers, and that the kids may be experiencing the classrooms to be a little bit colder than normal. So just know that that's going to be a possibility." 

According to angry parents on Facebook, several schools in Metro Nashville were having heat trouble. 

LaRhonda Lewis posted to MNPS' officials page:
"You people want us to double layer our children and send them in the cold. SMH (shaking my head) let's call Megan Barry and see what she has to say. Y'all are unbelievable but at the end of the day it's our choice to send our child/children. Mine will be home. The schools are too cold and y'all don't even let them wear their coats but since there is no heat tomorrow is an exception. Metro y'all make terrible choices when it comes to keeping the children safe."

So as mechanics work to get the heat on, parents are wondering if they should send their students to school to sit in a cold classroom.

Michaud said, "So use your discretion, if you feel like your child can't handle the cold weather, keep them at home. But we do encourage you to send them to school." 
Nearly a dozen school districts in Middle Tennessee will be closed tomorrow. 

Despite the heat issues at various schools, Metro Nashville Public Schools plans on remaining open.