Grand Jury Closes Case On Deputy's Shooting

DICKSON, Tenn. - Did police officers bully a man who later ended up shooting a Dickson County sheriff's deputy?

A new investigation concluded Wednesday without a real answer.

It follows questions first raised by NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

Wednesday afternoon, a Dickson County grand jury heard from special prosecutor Randy York, along with the deputy's widow, Brandi.

Keith Bellar was gunned down almost two years ago by a mentally disturbed man, who then killed himself.

Brandi Bellar later heard rumors that the shooter had been the victim of taunting text messages from other police officers.

But the grand jury concluded that "there were no messages that were retrievable" at this point and that "there is conflicting proof" about whether the messages ever existed.

"The grand jury, after hearing all of the proof, has found that there are no prosecutable crimes that have been committed and that this matter is officially closed," York said.

Brandi Bellar said that she is content that she did everything that she could to try to discover the truth.

"We weren't here to get anybody prosecuted to begin with," she said. We're just here specifically to know the truth." 

She added, "We're going to live the rest of our life knowing that we did everything that we could for him and truth."