Hundreds Gather For Bellevue Plane Crash Memorial

by Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Hundreds gathered at the Bellevue YMCA on Saturday to pay tribute to a family who died in a plane crash last month.

Glenn Mull, his wife Elaine, their daughter Amy Harter and her daughter Sami all died in the plane crash outside the YMCA on February 3.

They were arriving in town to attend a cattlemen's association convention.

At the memorial service, Glenn was remembered as a man with many friends, always cheerful and willing to meet new people, and 16-year-old Sami Harter was remembered as a happy teenager who always spread that happiness to those who knew her.

One of the family members they left behind, husband to Amy and father of Sami, said thank you to the community of supporters here in Middle Tennessee.

"From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being here and remembering our departed loved ones," Doug Harter said.  "It's special for us to meet all of you and spend time with you here in Bellevue.  We're deeply touched by your hospitality."

Also at the memorial Service, State Representative Bo Mitchell presented the family with a resolution passed on the house floor in their honor.