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6 Tips For Designing The Ultimate Home Theater Your Family Will Love

6 Tips For Designing The Ultimate Home Theater Your Family Will Love
Posted at 2:03 PM, Apr 15, 2019

You can’t beat the theater as far as movie-viewing quality is concerned, but going out in traffic, paying for tickets and snacks and finding the optimal seat can put a damper on the fun. So if you could recreate theater-style big-screen viewing at home — you’d choose to do that instead, right? Umm, you bet!

Luckily, with the right equipment, you can bring the best parts of seeing a movie in theaters straight to your home.

From the best projection device to space heaters and heated blankets that will keep you comfy and cozy all movie long, these are the items you need to invest in to save money on movie tickets from here on out!

Keep these tips in mind while getting your space set up for the optimal movie-viewing experience:

1. Get The Best Picture Quality Possible

Whether you go with a 4K TV or a projector, do your research to make sure you get the best of the best. Of course, you’ll want to consider both your budget and the size of your space when selecting the best way to screen your movies at home. If you’re working with a smaller space, a mini projector could be the way to go. Or maybe you just want to hang a TV on the wall.


2. Make Sure The Sound Fills The Entire Space

If you’re watching movies with the entire family or having friends over for a viewing party, you’ll want to have a sound system that can be heard over the crunching of popcorn, whispers and more. A soundbar could be a great option for a larger space, while a Bluetooth speaker could be all it takes to make sure the movie can be heard in a smaller space. On the other hand, maybe you’re watching a movie once the kids are in bed? If that’s the case — some high-quality headphones should do the trick!


3. Have The Fastest Internet Possible

You don’t want any lagging or buffering during your movie-watching. Make sure you have high-speed internet to keep those issues at a minimum. Upgrading your router could be all it takes to make sure your internet can keep up from the moment you press play.

Getty Images | Ethan Miller

4. Access All The Best Flicks

Of course, you’ll want access to all of the best movies as soon as possible. From YouTube TV to Disney+, there are plenty of services you can subscribe to. Decide which offerings have the best type of content for you and your family and sign up so you can start streaming movies and TV shows you love as soon as possible.


5. Stay Cozy

Whether you cuddle up on the couch with an electric blanket or add a space heater to the room, this is one way you can far surpass the movie theater experience. Never be chilly while watching a movie again! This is just one of the many perks of enjoying movies at home.


6. Fix The Best Food

One of the best parts of going to the theater is the variety of snacks you can enjoy while you’re there. But with products like espresso machines and air fryers on the market, there’s no reason you can’t create some yummy foods to enjoy while you’re watching movies from the comfort of your couch. Bring on the deep-fried Oreos!


So, who’s ready for a movie night?

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