Salvation Army Angel Tree


The Salvation Army Angel Tree is celebrating over 40 years of providing miracle moments of Christmas to thousands of children and families.

Miracle moments like:

  • The moments of community created by serving unknown neighbors with love and care.
  • The moments donors pick an angel and shop for the stranger until they become like family in their hearts.
  • The moments of a Christmas meal provided by Kroger shoppers extending their family table by providing meals to others
  • The moment when the financial crisis of Christmas becomes the peace of parents as they look into the giant red gift bags for their children
  • The moment the child opens the gift and joins a great host of our community in celebrating the birth of Jesus.

You can join us in providing not only joy in children’s hearts through gifts under Christmas trees, but reduced stress for parents while increasing the hope of families. Generations will sing your praise through happy memories.

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