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REVEALED: Our entire investigation to-date
REVEALED: Special interests spend estimated $60 million every year to influence Tennessee state officials
REVEALED: Legislative leaders engage in fundraising frenzy, hitting up special interests for money
Loopholes let lobbyists flood lawmakers with campaign contributions despite prohibition
REVEALED: Charter school program favored by Tennessee governor rewrites civil rights history
REVEALED: Billionaires, millionaires, corporate interests fuel battle over Tennessee schools
REVEALED: Governor dodges questions about charter school curriculum on civil rights history
REVEALED: Airbnb legislation shows how Capitol Hill culture affects Tennessee communities
REVEALED: Airbnb scores lobbying victory in Tennessee legislature based on 'straight-up lie'
REVEALED: 'I was shocked!' Veteran GOP lawmaker confirms alleged bribe offer for school voucher bill
Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton appears before federal grand jury investigating corruption
REVEALED: Does truth matter on Tennessee's Capitol Hill? Airbnb legislation tests that question
REVEALED: Battle brews in Tennessee legislature over disclosure of 'dark money'
REVEALED: Campaign reform passes House committee but without total 'dark money' disclosure
REVEALED: Billion-dollar bill would force TN officials to give contract to politically connected company
REVEALED UPDATE: House Republicans back away from billion-dollar bill for TennCare contract
REVEALED: Tennessee House follows rules that hides votes, proposed amendments from public
REVEALED: Titans stadium push shows family connections on Tennessee's Capitol Hill
REVEALED: Teachers come from 'dumbest parts of dumbest colleges,' Tenn. governor's education advisor tells him
REVEALED: Educators 'offended, disgusted' by comments from TN governor's charter school friend
REVEALED: New video shows Tennessee governor's adviser disparaging 'third-tier' teacher colleges
REVEALED: Tennessee governor keeps secret public schedule as he dodges teacher controversy
REVEALED: Hillsdale controversy brings rare bipartisan unity on need to review proposed charter schools
REVEALED: 'Shame on you!' Video mocking teachers continues to draw condemnation across Tennessee
REVEALED: Tennessee governor now claims his 'partnership' with Hillsdale College is 'not my vision'
REVEALED: Charter schools claim they are 'separate' from Hillsdale, despite contrary evidence
REVEALED: Pro-charter group’s poll shows high favorability for public schools
Advocates, opponents sound off about proposed Hillsdale charter school
REVEALED: Debate continues over Hillsdale charter schools and who will run them
Hillsdale president says racism should not be discussed by teachers in classroom
Hillsdale-affiliated charter schools withdraw requests to open in Tennessee
Charter school commission accused of 'enormous conflict of interest'
As Tennessee lawmakers reconvene, pre-session fundraising frenzy continues behind closed doors
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