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Candy company job pays $78K salary for taste testing 3,500 products a month

Candy company job pays $78K salary for taste testing 3,500 products a month
Posted at 10:40 AM, Aug 05, 2022

Are you looking for a sweet new gig? The largest online candy retailer in North America is hiring, and the only requirement for the position is a sweet tooth! But the competition will be fierce.

Candy Funhouse is looking to hire the world’s first (and probably only) Chief Candy Officer. This full-time position has a salary of $100,000 Canadian dollars, which converts to about $78,000 in U.S. dollars.

The company announced the position on its social media outlets recently:

What Is A Chief Candy Officer?

According to the job description, the Chief Candy Officer (CCO) appears to have a great deal of responsibility.

First, the CCO will have the task of approving all candy in the company’s inventory, so lots of rigorous taste-testing will be required — of about 3,500 products a month. The CCO will be responsible for deciding whether each treat earns the official “CCO Stamp of Approval.”

In addition, the Chief Candy Officer will lead candy board meetings and be in charge of all things fun.

You can work from home, but you also have the option to work out of the company’s Toronto, Canada, office (for Canadian residents) or Newark, New Jersey, office (for American residents).

Candy Funhouse

What Are The Job Requirements?

The company is looking for someone with “golden taste buds” and an apparent sweet tooth. That said, Candy Funhouse will provide extensive palate training.

Potential candidates must be enthusiastic and eager to try new things and provide honest opinions. In addition, they should be bold and creative with leadership abilities and always ready for some fun.

Oh, and there is a minimum age requirement. The CCO must be at least 5 years old. Parents can apply on behalf of their children.

“Here at Candy Funhouse we’re all about FUN, and who better to set our FUNhouse strategy than someone that is a real candy fanatic,” Jamal Hejazi, CEO of Candy Funhouse, said in a statement. “Whoever lands this position better be ready for the ride of their lives, and to have chocolate flowing through their veins. I’m thrilled for all the candy adventures we have planned!”

The job comes with an “extensive dental plan,” too.

Candy Funhouse

All sugared up and ready to apply? Don’t take your sweet time to do it; USA Today reports that so far, more than 100,000 candidates have put their hats in the ring. Head to the online application and submit the completed form by Aug. 31.

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