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Pet Owners Swear By This Lint Roller For Getting Fur Off Of Furniture And Carpet

Pet Owners Swear By This Lint Roller For Getting Fur Off Of Furniture And Carpet
Posted at 10:00 AM, Sep 19, 2022

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It’s name might make it sound ridiculous, but the ChomChom roller is serious when it comes to picking up pet hair.

This versatile handheld gadget is unlike most lint rollers you may have used before. No sticky tape is required, and you don’t have to refill anything after use. It doesn’t even require batteries or a power source.

You simply run the ChomChom roller back and forth over furniture, clothing, blankets or even carpet. It picks up pet hair, lint and fuzz that your vacuum can’t get by using an electrostatic charge. The roller has a receptacle that traps what it picks up. When you’re done, just press the release button to open the compartment and empty the fur and fuzz.

You can see the ChomChom roller in action in this video by TikToker @mahoganylox

@mahoganyloxTikTok made me buy the worlds best pet hair remover…. let’s see about that… 🤔😂♬ I Don’t Want You To See This – Brandon Colbein

The ChomChom roller has more than 94,600 five-star ratings at Amazon. Customers who’ve reviewed the pet hair cleaner call it a game changer, saying it is easy to use and works well.

“This thing is amazing,” wrote a reviewer who also posted a photo of the ChomChom roller full of hair. “I was a little hesitant to cough up the $30 for a lint roller but I’m SO GLAD I DID. This is the only thing that works to get the couches, clothes, mats, pretty much EVERYTHING clean against my Siberian Husky’s constantly snowing fur.”

Amazon | S

They also say it works on more than pet hair. For example, a reviewer named Tammy Jones shared a photo of a jacket she cleaned with the ChomChom roller.

“A pillow exploded in my dryer and my velvety fleece jacket was covered in fluff,” Tammy wrote. “It was too much to pick off. It wouldn’t shake off. I didn’t want re-wash it. And then I remembered ordering this lint remover and thought I’d give it a try. The pic shows how it looked after just one pass!”

Amazon/Tammy Jones

It’s important to note that Tammy mentioned swiping the ChomChom roller in one direction only when removing thicker fluff.

The ChomChom roller is $28.95 at Amazon, but don’t miss the $3 coupon available on the product page. Just check the box and you’ll see the discount applied at checkout.

If you pick one up, let us know how it works (or doesn’t) on your hairiest jobs!

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