Franklin couple opens 'Code Ninjas' to teach kids computer code, creativity and STEM skills

Posted: 7:52 AM, Jan 07, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-07 09:32:34-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It looks like a Silicon start-up, but many of these Tennessee kids are barely in Middle School.

"You can drop your child off at any time. And for an hour they go through the curriculum with a really smart High School 'Sensei,'" said Code Ninjas Owner and Operator Jeff James, "We want to take [students] from consumers to creators."

They call themselves "Code Ninjas."

James and his wife, August, started opened their Code Ninjas franchise in Franklin after their own son expressed an interest in apps.

The computer coders range in age from 7 to 14.

"Although we've had some six-year-olds come in," he said.

High School Students - called Senseis - help the newbies navigate. And just like a martial arts program, the students work their way up a ladder, earning accolades along the way.

"So it's like the belt system in martial arts except we have wristbands," she said.

Jeff and August say encouraging kids to explore STEM sets them up for future success.

Code Ninjas welcomes all students including home-school students. Click here for more information.