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Keep Mosquitos Away With These DIY Non-Toxic Luminary Jars

Keep Mosquitos Away With These DIY Non-Toxic Luminary Jars
Posted at 10:27 AM, May 26, 2016

Most of us love when the calendar rolls into the warmer months of the year and allows us to start spending more time outside. Whether you’re into grilling out, gardening, outdoor home improvement projects or any other hobby that takes you outside, this is the time of year to really stretch your legs.

Of course, warmer weather also means the return of annoying blood-suckers — and I’m not talking about the person who does your taxes. Nothing can ruin a relaxing day outside like a swarm of mosquitos.

Luckily, there are some natural solutions to repelling those pesky bugs that don’t require you to coat your skin in chemicals. One that we found from the blog A Little Claireification involves some pretty common ingredients and will keep your outdoor sanctuary smelling great and free of mosquitos.

The post’s author, Claire, spells out how to easily make some fragrant luminaries inside Mason jars. They are a snap to put together and they look good when you’ve got them burning around your patio on a warm night.

The ingredients include some jars, essential oils, slices of lemon and lime, sprigs of rosemary and floating tea light candles. Even if those aren’t things you have sitting around already, chances are you can find all of them at your grocery store. The scents of citrus and rosemary, as well as the essential oils she recommends, are believed to naturally keep mosquitos at bay.

Read the full assembly instructions on A Little Claireification.

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