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Hot Sauce-inspired Makeup Collection Comes With Pepper-infused Lip Gloss

Hot Sauce-inspired Makeup Collection Comes With Pepper-infused Lip Gloss
Posted at 9:35 AM, Oct 21, 2020

If you have been looking to spice up your makeup routine, cosmetics brand HipDot has a new collection that is really heating things up. 

The HipDot x Tapatío collection was designed with hot sauce addicts in mind. And the lip gloss is on fire. 

The Tapatío mini lip gloss set includes five shades for $24: crystal clear “Natural,” pinky nude “Bonita,” “Tapatio,” which is the actual color of the hot sauce with an added gold shimmer, true red “Spicy” and “Fire,” which is a berry shade with a bronze shimmer. The glosses come in little Tapatío glass bottles with applicators attached to the twist-off lids. 

But here’s the kick. The high-shine glosses are actually pepper-infused. The ingredients list Capsicum Frutescens Resin, which is the compound in hot peppers that provides that familiar burning sensation when you eat them. It also happens to be a natural lip-plumper — it temporarily gives lips a fuller look by boosting blood flow to the surface.  


They are currently sold out online, but you can see the adorable bottles on Twitter, as shared by @HipDotCosmetics.

“Oye, comadre [sic]!” they tweeted. “#HIPDOTxTapatio Limited Edition Collectors Box is coming in HOT with pepper infused Lip Glosses and 12 high pay-off, soft and buttery eyeshadow shades in brights and neutrals.”

The collection also includes two eyeshadow palettes for $26 as well as a Tapatío Drip Sponge for $10. The first palette is the Tapatío El Dorado Eyeshadow Palette with six bright and neutral shades that include mattes, shimmers, and glitters.

The second is the hot and spicy La Diabla Palette, shown in this post from the cosmetic brand’s Twitter account.

You can purchase the full makeup set from the HipDot website or get the products individually. Since other sets featuring the lip gloss are sold out right now, your best bet for getting them quickly is to spring for the limited edition Tapatío Collectors Box for $72. With that box, you also get the eyeshadow palettes, the drip sponge and a mini bottle of real Tapatío with its own clip-on koozie.

HipDot posted a look at everything that’s in the limited collection box on Twitter, too:

The cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan products will also be sold in Ulta stores beginning in early November. Will you be buying a set?

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