6 ways to prep your dog for fireworks

Posted at 1:06 PM, Jun 28, 2017

With the Fourth of July on deck, it's time to prepare your pooch to be OK with the loud whistles and bangs of celebratory fireworks.

Here are six things to try to help him or her feel at ease:

1. Be calm: You will lead your dog by example, so if you remain calm, your dog might also.

2. Work around them: Take the dog out for a walk before fireworks start, and keep it inside during the show.

3. Add your own noise: Turn on some noise to drown out the fireworks blasts as much as possible. if you have an Amazon Echo or other home audio device, you can usually ask or program it to "play white noise."

4. Make a fort (a retreat) and let your dog spend time alone inside, and to feel protected.

5. Close and lock doors so he doesn't try to flee.

6. Talk to your vet: There may be meds to help dogs make it through the anxiety.