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'Community Care Fellowship' helps the homeless with basic needs

Posted at 12:45 PM, Nov 23, 2018

All around Nashville, we see "Compassion in Action." Sometimes it comes in the form of a hot meal or a warm shower. 

"Shower felt so good on never forget that," said Catherine Salaam. 

Salaam Rodreqiz Hargett and their three kids got stranded in Nashville with no money. One second they were self-sufficient, then suddenly, homeless - a family of five living out of a car not knowing what to do next. 

"That very next day we heard about this place from a woman that came here," said Salaam.

What they found at Community Care Fellowship was a smile and a place to regroup. The Nashville non-profit has been serving the homeless for 35 years.

Executive Diector Ryan LaSuer says they start with the basics. 

"Greeting them with a smile, the grace part. Letting them feel excepted and loved," he said. 

After that it's about mentorship, employment help, getting people on their feet and keeping them together during times that would otherwise pull them apart. 

"It's the lighthouse. It's everything," said Salaam. 

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