Florida woman decorates home with over 20 Christmas trees

A Palm Beach Gardens woman likes to decorate her house with Christmas Trees, too numerous to count.
Posted at 9:43 PM, Dec 15, 2021

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (WPTV) — Diane Tice's Palm Beach Gardens, Florida house is filled with Christmas trees.

"Every room has trees in it," she said. "I start to decorate in September and October."

She said she has over 20 full-sized trees and countless "littler ones."

They are everywhere.

"That's right. And wherever I can find a space, I'll put a tree," Tice said.

Two trees are in her Lilly Pulitzer-themed guest bedroom.

"I made 200 Little Tiffany boxes to put on the tree," said Tice.

She likes how the colors work well together.

There are two trees on her patio.

"These trees are identical," she said. "They're done in yellow and silver just to match the whole patio [furniture] theme."

There's also a floating tree in the pool.

"Even in the laundry room here, there's a tree," joked Tice. "Don't want to leave any room out."

"I'm continually buying things and putting them on the trees. So it's really no tree is ever finished because I'll always find something I can add," Tice said.

Her grandchildren love them. Their favorite is the food-themed tree.

"The best with the donuts and the cupcakes," Tice said. "And, you know, the four-year-old thinks he can still take it off and try and eat it just to make sure it's not real."

Even the one-year-old grandchild enjoys the trees.

"She'll just point at the lights and just you can see the happiness on her face," Tice said fondly.

The grandkids notice she skips decorating for Halloween.

"I have no time and no space anyway. Where would I put a pumpkin," Tice asked.

Her husband secretly likes her obsession.

"He acts like it's a problem, but he loves it just as much as I do," said Tice. "He's the first one to light them up before Thanksgiving when I always say, 'Let's at least wait 'til Thanksgiving so the neighbors still think we're nuts.'"

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