6 holiday gifts for a variety of pets

Posted at 12:31 PM, Nov 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 10:06:49-05

Pet owners often include their precious furry friends when buying holiday gifts, and we have a list of ideas for spoiling them this holiday season. Bonus: We've included ideas for spoiling non-furry pets, too!

Hamster play, all day
We’ll get to the dogs and cats soon, but how about a rockin’, three-story play pad for your hamster? The Critter Trail Triple Play Habitat, $39.86; from is the answer. Not your boring cage and wheel, but three floors of habitat excitement that is sure to amuse your critter all day long, whether he's in the tunnels, the tower or the wheel. The brightly colored living quarters will be right at home in your child's bedroom. 

Give treats through the Internet
Miss your pet during the day? Now you can deliver a treat over the internet and video chat with your pet, using your smartphone or tablet and the free iCPooch app with the iCPooch Internet Pet Treat Dispenser. Not just for dogs, your cat can interact and munch treats with this easy setup to a home wifi that does not require complicated router reconfiguration. Pet’s tablet (not included) can be placed on the adjustable mount of the iCPooch unit or placed out of slobber range! Get it for $99.99 from

Fishing for decor
An easy-to-clean “bowl on the wall” Fish Bubble, $15.95 on, is wall-mounted and provides a neat home for your goldfish or beta. 

Here piggy, piggy
Pot-bellied pigs are more popular pets than you may think and the Pet Pig Busy Balls are the gifts that pigs are ‘oinking for. A bored pig is a mischievous pig so keep them occupied with the gift that keeps on giving. Load this ball with treats or food to keep Porky busy and fun-filled all day. You can pour small pig treats or food in the large opening at the top of the Busy Ball and when your pet pig rolls the ball around, food falls out of the smaller holes scattered around the ball. $24.95 at

For the feathered friends
The All Living Things® Cage Top Circus Bird Playpen is a modern design on a throwback cage-top accessory that features three toys. Designed for parakeets, cockatiels and lovebirds, the Cage Top Circus easily snaps on to all wire top cages. Watch as your naturally curious friend entertains you by playing with an assortment of three popular toys. Available at for $20.99.

Personalized pet gifts
Whether its cats, dogs or exotic pets, personalized accessories are very popular and can save a lost or injured loved one. Consider some sort of identification tag or accessory from the many companies that offer them including The SiliDog, a pet tag made of silicone, is a quiet choice when your rambunctious pet runs, plays and scratches but does not allow the jingling and jangling of most common pet tags. Available at, the silent pet tag company.

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