People can now buy Thanksgiving-themed flamingos for yards

Posted at 3:16 PM, Oct 08, 2018
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If you’re a fan of pink flamingos in your yard — and who isn’t? — then we’ve got some exciting lawn ornament news for you. You can now have a Thanksgiving-themed flamingo decorate your digs, thanks to the TurkeyMingo.

Yes, this mash-up is exactly what it sounds like: a plastic flamingo disguised as a turkey. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough — the TurkeyMingo also happens to be dressed as a pilgrim. It’s sort of a turkey/flamingo/pilgrim hybrid. Trust us, it’s cute.

The magnificent creature was available for purchase for on Amazon, although it is currently sold out. Based on the reviews online, people love their TurkeyMingos.

“He is perfect … love the costume and the colors are exceptional … he is going to be the center of my pumpkin patch yard decor for Thanksgiving! Going to put up right after I take down halloween after 11pm so everybody can see him,” one satisfied customer wrote.

The only issue people have is getting its costume to stay on. Some are recommending double-sided tape or a hot glue gun to get the job done!

You can check out the TurkeyMingo in all its glory on Instagram. Just imagine your house in the background of Instagram user’s @dawnree’s post:




Our Thanksgiving flock has returned! #turkeymingo #flamilgrim

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Can you envision this TurkeyMingo on your front porch steps? Instagram user @jensthisnthat is here to show you how it’s done:




Thanksgiving decor…turkeymingo! #thanksgiving #turkey #turkeymingo #flamingo

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The fun doesn’t stop here, either! TurkeyMingo creators Pink Inc. offer Christmas, Easter and more holiday options for flamingos, so that you can keep your lawn seasonally appropriate all year long. These other flamingos are available to shop on Amazon, as well.

And when it comes to SantaMingo and his ReinMingo: Santa’s beard is priceless! The set is available for $31 on Amazon.

The BunnyMingo is almost too cute! It’s available for $33.70 on Amazon.

If you’re prone to waiting to the last minute to get your yard and home prepped for Halloween, you’ll be happy to know that you can purchase a set of skeleton-themed flamingos, too! The somewhat sinister-looking flamingos are by a company called Skeleteen and a set of two areavailable for $29.99.

If you happen to be more into traditional decor, you can check out these beautiful wreaths to get your home ready for fall.

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