How some US hotels are going high-tech to change guest experience

Posted at 11:42 AM, Jun 21, 2018

Amazon is now changing hotel experiences across the country: This week it announced a deal with Marriott Hotels to integrate the Amazon Echo in hotel rooms.  

Guests will be able to tell Alexa to order room service, turn off the lights and much more. This summer, Marriott will be implementing the Amazon Echo device in 10 hotels. 

With every high-tech integration, concerns over privacy are brought up. That’s why Amazon says the data collected by a customer's requests will be deleted daily. Marriott says those who don’t want an Echo device in their room can ask to have it removed.

Marriott is not the only hotel integrating high tech features in its rooms. Hilton has what it calls "Connected Room." It’s a way for guests to control everything from their mobile device through an app.

Josh Weiss, Vice President of Guest Technology at Hilton, says with technology, it can make your stay more comfortable, even displaying your vacation family photos on the TV screen in your hotel room to make you feel more at home.

“The way I want to interact with the room, whether it’s with a mobile device or in a traditional way, it's comfortable and predictable for me,” said Weiss.

Last year at Rising Star Resort just outside Las Vegas, they debuted a robot concierge. It brings guests amenities at all hours of the day and night. The delivery robot named Relay was created by the San Jose, California tech company Savioke. It is designed to operate elevators, navigate crowds and speak to guests.

More than 70 hotels have the Relay robot. Technology is truly changing the hotel experience.