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Goat Climbing Skills Provide Unique Yoga Experience

Posted at 1:52 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-28 16:40:59-04

One Facebook post and a dozen goats later, Shenanigoats provides Nashville's yoga enthusiasts with a unique Music City experience.

Goats + yoga + Nashville…where do I even begin? I promise you, this is a real thing people!

Shenanigoats is taking this city by storm, blowing up on social media, and bringing pure happiness to yogis and non-yogis, alike. I knew selecting this as my next ‘Music City Must’ was goat-ing to be easy! (See what I did there?)

Owner Jamie Codispoti invited me to check out one of these ‘goat-yoga’ classes in East Nashville. It was hilarious, heartwarming, and unlike anything I’ve ever tried.

What’s really crazy is that Shenanigoats started out by mistake! Jamie’s business originally began as a landscaping company. A homeowner had requested to use Jamie’s goats to clear brush in the homeowner’s area.

Fast forward through a yoga class and a social media post, and these goats went viral. People then started asking for "goat yoga." So now, here we are… me attempting my best "downward dog" with Miles the goat perched playfully on my back.

Classes are selling out at rapid pace- so much so, they’ve started adding around seven per week. No, it’s not your typical "peaceful yoga" practice, but I can guarantee it will bring a smile to your face and is great for the soul. In my opinion, it’s the greatest fitness craze on earth.

The goats don’t lead the class, but boy do they run it. Do yourself a favor and click here