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Paint Your Pet at Robin's Gallery in Donelson

Posted at 1:14 PM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 14:14:59-04

For this Music City Must, I had to tap in to my more "artistic" side at a place called Robin’s Gallery in Donelson. It’s a custom frame shop and art gallery, but at times - it’s an art school, too!

They offer this unique series of different themed DIY classes called "Create It." When I found out that "Create It" had a "Paint Your Pet" class, I mediately signed up! Go to their website and find a class online. Next, email them your favorite picture of your pet (nearly impossible to decide, I know!) It can be ANY pet.  They’ve had everything from exotic pets, reptiles, farm animals, fish, goats, cats, and dogs!

Ethan Black is the artist leading the class and he is a wonderful teacher. You don’t have to worry about drawing the picture of your pet, Ethan takes care of that for you. When you arrive to the class your pet will already be traced on the canvas, ready for you to paint! Ethan teaches you how to paint your pet, and does a great job of guiding everyone. He’ll start the class talking about color, shape, and how to capture your pet’s personality. He walks around the entire time making sure to help everyone individually. He says he wants everyone to walk away with something they are proud of. From adding a few touches or helping you cover a major mistake, Ethan makes sure your painting is something your pet will definitely approve of!  

They also provide all of your paint supplies and even some snacks and coffee. You can also bring your own food and drinks if you’d like! Several people packed wine to sip on, and it seemed to have improved their skills! The most important thing is to just relax and have fun. At Robin’s Gallery all events are about fun, friends, and art.

My "masterpiece" ended up looking a lot like my German Shepherd, Sammi. I’ll admit had a little bit of help from Ethan, but overall I had so much fun AND got to be creative. When I brought my painting home, I hung it on the wall and got Sammi’s “bark” of approval.

Prices of "Create It" classes range from about $30 - $45 depending on the class you sign up for. To sign up just click on this link: