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Rolled Ice Cream Treats at Supreme Kreme

Posted at 10:23 AM, May 31, 2018

I’ve never had ice cream quite like this! That’s why Supreme Kreme made my Music City Must list! It’s Nashville first ever ROLLED ice cream shop!

How do you roll ice cream, you ask? It’s something you’ve just got to see. You can check out the professional “rollers” at Supreme Kreme where they make your treat right in front of you fresh off their frozen “griddles.” Vinny, one of the pro-rollers, tells me rolled ice cream began as a street food in Thailand. It’s been making its way into American cities and it’s Kristina Douangpanya to thank for opening Music City’s first shop. 

It’s a simple three step process. First, start by picking one of eight cream bases (among them vanilla, strawberry, coffee, taro, banana and chocolate). Next, add a mix-in of anything including candies or cereals like Cap’n Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles. Step three, pick two additional toppings. There are around 30 options from gummy bears, chocolate chips, marshmallows, Reese’s Pieces, and the list goes on! FINALLY, the best part is getting to watch the rollers turn your liquid mix into finished rolls. It’s mesmerizing! 

I got the chance to get my “roll on” during my visits. Let’s just say – it looks much easier than it is! I could almost hear the ice cream telling me to “not quit my day job.” I will warn you though, this place is popular! At times you can find a line out the door with a wait anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. If us Nashvillians can make the wait for hot chicken, you can wait for this sweet treat, too!  For other flavors, location and hours - just click this link: