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Unique Alcohol-Infused Sweets At Sam T. Spoonlickers

Posted at 11:53 AM, Mar 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-14 12:55:22-04

If you're always on the lookout for unique sweets, you've got to try the Prohibition Bites at Sam T. Spoonlickers!

Sam T. Spoonlicker's World Famous Cookie Dough has the perfect motto for life. 

“When life gives you lemons add sugar, flour, and eggs!”

Not only do they serve up delicious cookie dough that’s safe to eat, they have an array of curious confections, offering everything from milkshakes to desserts and dozens of cookie dough flavors. The confection that caught my eye are the “Prohibition Bites.” These booze-infused bites are so good, they even served them at the Country Music Awards! Any dessert that’s good enough for country music royalty is good enough for me.

Mr. Spoonlicker is always mixing up his flavors for his boozy bites. I stopped by his location at the Opry Mills Mall and tried Sam’s T’s Spiked Sweet Tea made with Jack Daniels and ginger spiced sweet tea cookie dough. I tried the Tipsy Turtle made of chocolate chip cookie dough and Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream. My favorite was the Strawbubbly Blitzed flavor that’s made with fresh strawberry and champagne cookie dough. Last, but not least, I sampled the Bootlegger’s Bliss made of Banana Foster cookie dough and Smith Creek Caramel Moonshine. Yum!

Everything is made fresh in Sam’s kitchen. They really bring a classic, old-timey taste to each confection. Ok, so maybe I had a milkshake while I was there, too! No one said I couldn’t sample five desserts in one day. Stop by their store or visit their website: