West Virginia couple celebrates 75th anniversary by recreating wedding day

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Posted at 8:00 AM, Oct 04, 2021

KANAWHA COUNTY, W.V. — A couple in West Virginia celebrated their 75th anniversary by recreating their wedding day over the weekend.

Ulysses and Lorraine Dawson relived the beautiful ceremony Saturday in front of five generations of the family they created, WCHS reports.

"Lord as we come to you today, we thank you and we praise you for this special occasion, for 75 years that you've given Kimbell and Lorraine to be together," said the couple’s pastor.

For the ceremony, Ulysses even wore his World War II uniform, the same one he was wearing when the couple got said “I do” the first time in 1946.

"That’s the way we met each other. He was in uniform," said Lorraine.

As for Lorraine, she wore a white wedding gown for the first time, since she donned a two-piece red suit at their first wedding, according to WCHS.

Over their three-quarters of a century together, Ulysses and Lorraine tell WCHS that they’ve been through ups and downs, but it’s mostly been bliss.

"I thank God for him. I could never find a better one," said Lorraine.

The couple had some advice for a lasting marriage. They say compromise, love and faith have allowed them to stay together.

"Be sure you love each other. And it’s a 50/50 thing, not an 80/20. It's 50/50," Lorraine said.

"Our prayers were answered, and I thank God for it all,” said Ulysses.

Times have certainly changed since Ulysses and Lorraine first met, but the foundation they created in the 1940s was clearly built to last.

"The knot was tied awful right and it’s still holding," said Ulysses.