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Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream Is Back For The Holidays

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Now Come In Ice Cream Form
Posted at 9:45 AM, Oct 18, 2021

After quickly selling out last year, Hudsonville Ice Cream and Little Debbie are bringing back their Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream just in time for the holiday season.

In Walmart stores now for a limited time, the ice cream has a creamy vanilla flavor and pound cake pieces. It is also swirled with green sprinkles and red frosting, just like the cakes.

It’s no surprise the ice cream sold out quickly, as the tiny trees themselves are so popular that Little Debbie even released a summer version in 2019. To make sure more people get to try to treat this year, Little Debbie has doubled the number of pints shipped to all Walmart stores. You can grab a pint for $2.50 both in-store and online.

Hudsonville Ice Cream

If you find yourself with too many Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes (if that’s even possible), you can actually make your own ice cream with them. This recipe from Rose Bakes calls for just six ingredients, including the diced-up Little Debbie cakes. You’ll also need standard ice cream ingredients, like whipping cream and condensed milk.

Little Debbie also has a variety of recipes that use the cakes, like this Winter Wonderland Trifle or this Christmas Tree Cakes dip, which is made by adding the cakes, cream cheese, milk, vanilla extract and whipped topping into a food processor. You can serve the dip with cookies, fruit, graham crackers, pretzels or any other dipable treats.

Little Debbie

While the Little Debbie Christmas Tree ice cream is only available at Walmart, the brand has seven other ice cream flavors you’ll find at Walmart and some other stores, like Meijer.

The flavors are based on Oatmeal Creme Pies, Cosmic Brownies, Zebra Cakes, Honey Buns, Strawberry Shortcake Rolls, Swiss Rolls and Nutty Bars. The ice cream flavors vary from vanilla to brownie batter, white cake, honey bun, chocolate cake and peanut butter, with them all including pieces of the snack they’re inspired by, like soft oatmeal cookies, brownies, cake, glazed honey bun pieces and chocolatey waffle cones with fudge.

Little Debbie ice cream cartons
Hudsonville Ice Cream

What is your favorite Little Debbie treat?

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