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Consumer Reports Recommends Top Toilet Paper Brands

Posted at 1:49 PM, Sep 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-10 13:20:55-04

Consumer Reports’ latest tests covered 21 different kinds of toilet paper. Not all lived up to the claims on their packaging.

Scott Extra Soft wasn’t one of the softest. But it did do the best in the test that measures how fast toilet paper disintegrates. And that’s important if you have trouble with plumbing that clogs or with your septic system. If that’s your house, Scott Extra Soft is a good choice.

How about Quilted Northern, which says it’s ultra soft and strong? It is pretty soft, but tests found that it wasn’t particularly strong.

In the end, White Cloud Ultra Soft & Thick from Walmart earned top ratings, earning high scores in tests for softness, strength, and disintegration. But don’t confuse it with White Cloud Ultra Strong and Soft. It was soft but not strong.

And Walmart’s Great Value bathroom tissue wound up at the bottom of the ratings.

Though it cost less than any of the other toilet papers tested, it wasn’t strong, it wasn’t soft, and it didn’t disintegrate very quickly.

While the best all-around toilet paper is Walmart’s White Cloud Ultra Soft & Thick, it isn’t the very softest. For that, Consumer Reports recommends Walgreens’ Nice Premium Ultra. It’s not all that strong, but it is very soft.