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Earn $13+ An Hour Taking Pizza Orders From Home

Posted at 10:46 AM, Sep 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 13:52:12-04

If you're great with people and can handle talking about pizza without actually eating any yourself—this may be the job for you. We scour the internet for legitimate work-from-home gigs and recently found one for taking pizza orders over the phone. Some major perks of the job? Getting to set your own schedule and work from home. Oh, and talking about pizza, of course. You'll apply for the job through Liveops, which helps companies find customer service agents. The job post doesn't say exactly who you're taking pizza orders for, only that it's a "well-known pizza delivery client." Hmmm. To be a fit for this job you'll need to have a landline phone with a cord—which may be the most difficult of the qualifying factors. Outside of that technological aspect, you'll also need to be great with talking to people, multi-tasking and problem solving, according to the official job description.

How The Job Works

Since this sounds like it has dream job potential—especially as a side gig—you may be wondering exactly how this works. Well, you'll make $0.22 per minute of call time, and you'll sign up for 30 minute blocks that you're available to take calls. If you're on the phone for a full hour, that works out to an hourly rate of a little more than $13 an hour. Not bad for working from your couch, eh? During the time that you're scheduled to work, you'll answer multiple calls from people placing orders, inquiring about deliveries and handling any questions about coupons and the like. Once you've helped the customer and taken their order, you'll then place the order using the pizza company's online application. If you're looking to maximize your earnings, you should plan to work on nights and weekends, at least, that's what the job posting recommends. And just for your reference—peak hours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings between 3:10 PM to 11:40 p.m.—so plan your schedule accordingly. Interesting in applying? Be sure to do so by Oct. 5. If you get hired by Liveops, you'll go through a 10-hour certification process before you can start answering calls.

Other Gigs In The Pizza Business

If the smell of pizza happens to be more your thing, you can also look into becoming a delivery driver. That way, you'll get to deliver the pizza instead of just talking about orders all night. There are always openings for delivery driversbecoming available, and you can check out sites such as Snagajob.comto find open positions in your area.

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