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T-Mobile offering big discount on senior unlimited plan

Posted at 12:28 PM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 13:51:22-04

Who says getting older means being out of touch with technology? T-Mobile is offering a pretty sweet deal for customers who are ages 55 and older with their new ONE Unlimited 55+ plan. This plan just went on the market Aug. 9. T-Mobile hopes the discount convinces a growing number of seniors jumping on the smartphone bandwagon to give their company a try. In fact, senior citizen smartphone ownership more than doubled since 2013. "We're bringing the un-carrier revolution to people who are underserved and overpriced," T-Mobile Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Sherrard said in an interview with CNET. Typically, cellular companies target younger generations with their promotions. However, T-Mobile saw an opportunity to reach a new potential customer base. "We've done phenomenally well with millennials and in urban centers," Sherrard said. "Now we have an amazing opportunity to move beyond that."

Breakdown Of T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Plan

First, let's look at the biggest question: how much does this plan cost? For a total of $60, customers ages 55 and up get two lines of unlimited data. This includes all taxes and fees. Not a bad deal when you consider the $120 normal price for two lines or $70 for a single line. But, what do customers get for that $60? Here's the breakdown:

  • Unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data. However, after hitting 32 GB, customers may notice a temporary slowdown of service.
  • Standard definition video streaming (460p)
  • Unlimited texting and one free hour of smartphone wi-fi on all airline flights that carry internet provider Gogo
  • Unlimited texting, data roaming and low flat-rate calling in more than 140 countries

How Does T-Mobile Plan Compare With Other Providers'?

But, how does this new T-Mobile plan stack up against other service providers? From what we can tell, it's a pretty good deal. Let's take a look: AT&T's Senior Nation Plan allows only customers ages 65 and up to participate in the savings program. It costs $29.99 a month per line for customers, but only offers 200 anytime minutes. Also, the plan will not work for smartphones—no data included, just phone calls. Otherwise, AT&T charges $70 for one line of unlimited data. Verizon used to have a Nationwide 65 Plus plan. However, new customers cannot purchase this plan—looks like this one was grandfathered in by Verizon. Senior plan aside, Verizon offers two lines with unlimited data for $140.

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