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Nabisco Is Bringing Back Oreo And Nutter Butter Cakesters

Nabisco Is Bringing Back Oreo And Nutter Butter Cakesters
Posted at 1:40 PM, Oct 01, 2021

Oreo is constantly pumping out new flavors of its beloved cookies, but there’s been one treat missing from their lineup for the last decade that is now making an official return: Oreo Cakesters.

After 10 years of requests from fans of the soft-baked take on the classic cookie, Nabisco is bringing back Cakesters in both Oreo and Nutter Butter flavors. The returning treat will be a permanent addition to store shelves beginning in early 2022.

According to USA Today, Oreo Cakesters had a pretty short life the first time around. They were introduced in 2007 but pulled from shelves in 2012. The fanbase built during those five years must’ve been pretty rabid to get the brand to reverse course and try again!

The new Cakesters will have either Oreo or Nutter Butter flavors baked into soft cake, each with a creme filling. The Oreo version features creme filling between two soft chocolate-flavored cakes, while Nutter Butter is made with real peanut butter filling sandwiched between two snack cakes.

If you like peanut butter and chocolate, Reese’s launched its own version of a snack cake last year. Reese’s Snack Cakes are made with soft-baked chocolate cake and topped with Reese’s peanut butter cream, then covered in milk chocolate. They are the first cake treat by the Reese’s brand.

Reese’s technically considers the cakes a morning treat, but you of course don’t have to eat them for breakfast. You can find them in a two-cake pack for around $1.99 at convenience stores nationwide.


As mentioned, Oreo is always up to something, giving us all kinds of flavors, including the brand’s latest, salted caramel brownie and brownie-cookie dough. Calling it a Brookie-O, the cookie dough-brownie Oreos have three layers of creme: original, cookie dough-flavored and brownie-flavored.

The brand has a variety of other new treats as well, including cookies & creme eggs for Easter, cereal and even baking mix. Teaming up with Pillsbury and Funfetti, you can find Funfetti Oreo brownies, cakes, frosting and even pancakes.

There are two cake mixes in the line-up: vanilla and chocolate, both with Oreo cookie pieces, and a vanilla-flavored Funfetti frosting that also has crushed Oreos blended in. The brownie mix has Oreo cookie pieces included in a separate pouch to sprinkle on top, while the pancake and waffle mix has Oreos mixed into the batter.

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Are you excited for the return of Cakesters?

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