How to avoid racking up Thanksgiving calories

Posted at 4:14 PM, Nov 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-25 17:17:35-05

Thanksgiving is here, and along with the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie are thousands of calories ready to weigh us down. While packing on the pounds is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as much as watching football, there are ways for you to have a healthy Thanksgiving without passing on turkey.

First off, here is the caloric breakdown of traditional Thanksgiving favorites.

4 ounces of turkey breast: 120 calories
7-ounce scoop of mashed potatoes: 237 calories
1 cup of green bean casserole: 239 calories
1 dinner roll: 87 calories
1 slice of cranberry sauce: 86 calories
1 cup of stuffing: 210 calories
1 slice of pumpkin pie: 316 calories

Yes, 1295 calories are a lot for one meal, but there are ways to quickly burn those extra calories.

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Here are ways a 180-pound man can burn calories:

1-hour bike ride for 12 miles: 490 calories
1-hour run for 6 miles: 868 calories
1-hour gym workout: 477 calories
4-hour round of golf: 716 calories

For women of roughly the same weight, these numbers will be higher. The same is also true for men who weigh more than 180 pounds. For instance, a 6 -mile run would burn 1293 calories for a 240-pound man, and 928 calories for a 170-pound woman.

Shopping can even burn calories, especially if you opt to ditch the car and walk from shop to shop. Four hours of walking at a pace of one mile an hour can burn 694 calories. So if you plan to shop and you opt to ride your bike or walk to various shops, burning all of your Thanksgiving calories is possible.

The only question is, will you have enough energy to burn off the leftovers?